Reasons Why Businesses Are Switching to LED Lighting

Summary of Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Commercial Applications


Over time, LED lighting has become more popular than any other type of illumination. Slowly but surely, businesses have also been making the change that many homeowners already have by installing retail LED lighting. Below are some of the main drivers of this switch to LED lights.


LED Lights Last Longer Than Traditional Lighting 

LED lighting is far more efficient than typical lighting, and greater efficiency means a longer lifespan. Whereas most traditional light bulbs such as halogen last around 1,000 hours before needing replacing, an LED light bulb can last for a minimum of 20,000 hours.

Since it is possible to outlast thousands more hours than traditional bulbs, commercial LED lighting can benefit the budget of any business. There is less of a need to constantly replace the bulbs, so the overall cost of lighting a building goes down.

Without the need to change the lights often, there is less manual effort that goes into changing the many light bulbs each year. This is especially true of LED ceiling lighting that requires a lift or ladder to reach.


LED Lights Offer Much More Flexibility with Lighting Schemes 

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights give you greater control over their appearance and the subsequent appearance of your shop. This is due in part to the colour temperatures that LED lights have to offer as well as their minimal heat output.

LED Colour temperature is measured in units Kelvin, with the lowest numbers being the warmest shades and the higher numbers being the coolest. Both have their places in showcasing products and creating moods.

With colour temperature options such as these, you can use different colour temperatures for different applications. For example, warmer colours can create a moodier shop, while cooler colours can create one that is bright, open and accurately depicts the colours of the items.

In the same vein, you can choose the lumen level of the light. This indicates its brightness, so you can play around with various levels of light to get the look you want.

Since LEDs produce negligible heat, you won’t have to worry about placing lights too close to fabrics and causing the colours to dull. The lack of heat also means less money spent running the air conditioning to offset the discomfort of the heat.

The design capabilities of LED lights are also broader, thanks to the ability for them to be quite small. You can place LED lights in compact areas, display cases or along short stretches of walls with LED track lighting without making it look bulky and distracting. This provides not only better lighting opportunities but also enhanced aesthetics.

Your business can even use occupancy sensors to decide whether to turn a light on or off. This means the lighting will react to the number of customers in the store to provide the right level of brightness. You can also set LEDs on a timer or use smart technology to further customize the lighting scheme.


LED Lighting Is Much More Eco Friendly Than Traditional Lighting 

It is a priority of many companies to have more eco-friendly practices to reduce their environmental impact. Switching to LED lights is one of the biggest ways they are doing this. A few reasons why LED lights are more environmentally friendly are:


– Fewer bulbs in the landfill. Since LED lights last for so long, people aren’t throwing out as many bulbs every year. With substantially fewer bulbs going into the bin, fewer light bulbs are adding to the mess.

– Less time spent replacing lights. The longevity of LED lights also means that you are less likely to have to put in as much effort to replace the lights. This can save a lot of labor especially if you have a large building and many lights in the ceiling.

– Less of a strain on the air conditioning system. Since LED lights output almost no heat, they do not warm up the environment around them the way halogen bulbs do. For this reason, you can expect to run the air conditioning less to cancel out that heat you’d have otherwise.

– Saving on energy bills. The energy saving properties of LED lights mean that they require less power to operate. Less electricity needed to run the low energy lighting means that less money is spent on the energy bill. For businesses that are open 24/7 or just have many lights installed, this can be a huge benefit financially speaking. 

– Smaller carbon footprint. Studies have shown that one LED bulb producing the same level of luminosity as an incandescent bulb puts out 80 percent fewer greenhouse gases. Parts of these lights can sometimes also be recycled. Non-toxic elements in the lights further their environmentally safe nature, as you won’t have to worry about harmful toxins seeping into the ground when you throw them away.

carbon footprint image

Switching To LED Lighting Gives a Better Working Environment 

Reports have indicated that LED lights are capable of producing a happier and healthier working environment. LED lights may be able to improve the conditions in the following ways:


– Fluorescent lights can worsen headaches. Those who suffer from migraines often report that traditional lighting makes the problem worse. By using LED bulbs, you make the space more habitable for those who struggle with migraines.

– Improves focus. LED lights have been shown to improve one’s ability to focus on the task at hand in schools and offices. This could increase overall productivity.

– Enhances reading comprehension. It is thought that LED lights can increase production, thanks to their ability to improve reading speed by five percent while reducing spelling errors and typos.

– Natural daylight options. It is true that the sun is a big regulator of one’s mood. This is evidenced by the prevalence of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Choosing an LED colour temperature that is similar to daylight colours may positively impact the mood of your employees. When they are happier, productivity and morale both rise.

– Light levels matter. Studies have indicated that office workers do better in terms of performance in specific light levels. You can control lumen levels and even dim lights with LED bulbs, so you can tailor the illumination with that thought in mind.


Is LED Lighting Tax Deductible?


The government has recently introduced the Superdeduction tax scheme means to let businesses claim 130 percent of their capital allowances using various investments. One of the investments in this includes LED lighting. In this way, LED lighting is indeed tax deductible for businesses.


Which Big Companies and Government Departments Have Already Made the Switch To LED Lighting?

Many of the big-name businesses you shop with every day have begun to make the change. Some of the most popular ones are found below.


– Marks and Spencer’s has placed a Sustainable Learning Store in Sheffield, meant to be entirely sustainable hrough the use of many energy efficient methods. One of these methods is using 100 percent LED lights throughout the building, saving them around 20 to 30 percent on their energy bills.

– Starbucks has also implemented LED lights in more than 1,000 stores. Each store uses seven percent less energy than it did before it made the switch.

– Google has set a good example as a leading company using LED lighting in various rooms of their headquarters and other physical locations.

– Co-Op has decided to use dimmer lighting in approximately 500 of its 2,500 stores across the nation. They are doing this knowing that they could reduce their electricity bills by several thousand every year. This occurred after Morrisons and Sainsbury’s did the same thing.

– Wiltshire is working toward their goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030, which in part has meant replacing its traditional lighting with LEDs.

– London’s Elizabeth Line received an update on escalator shafts, stations and concourses when LED lights were installed.

– IKEA stores have used LED lighting for a long time now and only sell LED light bulbs in their light fixtures.


Summary of Benefits for Using LED Lighting in Commercial Applications

Commercial LED lighting is taking the world by storm, both at home and at work. With businesses looking to improve their environmental image, many are changing due to the eco-friendly and energy efficient nature of LED lights.

Just as many businesses are taking advantage of the productivity-boosting powers of LED lights that are shown to increase focus and reading ability. Beyond that, businesses are taking their finances into account, using LED lights to lessen the amount they pay in energy bills each year. The long life of LED bulbs also means spending less time buying and installing new lights, while also reducing the number of light bulbs that go into landfills.

With so many benefits from control over lighting schemes to a more comfortable commercial environment, it’s no wonder retail LED lighting is growing in popularity.


LED Lighting Ideas for Your Business


Below, you’ll find several LED lighting options to consider for your business.


  1. LSP194 9 Watt Black And Gold LED Track Light

LSP194 9 watt modern black track lighting

The elegant gold and black finish of the LSP194 9 Watt Black And Gold LED Track Light makes it a sophisticated addition to boutique stores. This LED track light can be also customized and changed as your displays do. It shines 800 lumens of your choice of warm or white light to suit the aesthetic of your business.


  1. LSD017 2 Watt Black Twin LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights

LSD017 2 watt twin black display cabinet lighting kit

Be sure that your customers can see all of the fine details in your display cabinets with the LSD017 2 Watt Black Twin LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights. This small spotlight stands on a vertical pole and has movable heads that allow you to direct illumination exactly where you want it to go. Shining 140 lumens of 6000k cool white light, it is especially beneficial for jewellery display cases.


  1. LDC703 15 Watt Triple White Gimbal Tilting Recessed LED Ceiling Spotlight

LDC703 15 watt gimbal tilting recessed ceiling spotlight

The LDC703 15 Watt Triple White Gimbal Tilting Recessed LED Ceiling Spotlight is subtle in both shape and colour. It makes a great choice in shops where you don’t want anything distracting from the product it is illuminating. The gimbals can be tilted in the recessed fixture to shine light right where you want it while maintaining a minimal and modern look. The product outputs a total of 1290 lumens.


  1. 595×595 LED Sky Panel Ceiling Architectural Lighting Feature

LED Sky panel 595 x 595 architectural LED lighting feature for ceilings

As natural daylight is so important in an office environment, your building may benefit from the 595×595 LED Sky Panel Ceiling Architectural Lighting Feature. This light takes on the appearance of a skylight and shines natural daylight lighting into the space. This may help boost the mood and productivity of your workers with little effort on your part.


  1. LBL719 18 Watt White Colour Selectable Surface LED Downlight

LBL719 18 watt cct selectable surface mounted ceiling light

If your displays and aesthetics change often, the LBL719 18 Watt White Colour Selectable Surface LED Downlight is the light you need to keep up with those changes. It can be altered to show cool and warm colour temperatures with 6000k and 3000k lighting respectively. The light outputs 1800 lumens, making it bright enough to be used as a part of your ambient lighting.

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