Energy Saving Spotlights A Must For Modern Life

Energy saving spotlights – Kitchen spotlights are a common light fixture for those who value illumination as much as they do style; they seem like an easy choice when choosing LED downlights for your kitchen. Still, it probably won’t take long at all for you to realize they are driving up your energy bill. Kitchen spotlights are usually a surprisingly energy inefficient way to light the room. Because of this, they could end up costing you extra hundreds of dollars each month.

By changing out your typical energy spotlights for energy saving spotlights, you can enjoy the look of them while still reducing the energy that they output. By replacing just one bulb with energy efficient lighting options, you can save around £55 a year per bulb. Though LED bulbs tend to be a bit pricey, they end up paying for themselves many times over before you need to replace them.

What Is the Difference Between Energy Saving Spotlights and Traditional Incandescent Bulbs?

For two bulbs that display similar light levels, the difference can be a bulb life of 3000 hours instead of only 1000 hours and a reduction in price that will seriously add up over the weeks. In this way, you can save money both on the energy spent itself and the money needed to replace bulbs as well.

How to Choose the Best Energy Saving Spotlights

When shopping for your new spotlights, there are a few things to consider outside of the energy saving aspect of the light. In order to ensure that the lights you choose fit well with the kitchen space, you should consider their appearance.

  • The finish of the light is what will stand out the most. Therefore, you should spend some time thinking about the colour itself. Oftentimes, you’ll find lights that come in chrome, black or white finishes. In this way, you can either choose to get lights that match the existing aesthetic or choose ones that contrast against it instead.
  • Depending on whether your kitchen is more on the modern or traditional side, you can base your light choice off of that. The LED downlights often come in either circular or square-shaped housings. Circular lighting is best suited for those with traditional spaces; square-shaped lights are good for modern areas thanks to their sharp lines and angles.
  • The longevity and durability of the light fixture is as important as the light itself. With the right material composition, you can ensure that the light will outlast years of use. Most often, you will want to look for lights crafted out of aluminium material, as it is the most common and among the most durable.

Energy efficient lighting can save you plenty of money over the years and are worth investing in. They come in as many styles and types as standard lighting, making it easy for you to replace your existing lights without many headaches. We offer a variety of different kinds for you to choose from, so shop now to find the one that best suits your tastes.


CSL022 5 Watt Rose Gold Recessed LED Downlight

CSL022-RG 5 Watt LED downlight

CSL024 5 Watt Square Black Recessed Spotlight


CSL024-BK 5 watt LED downlight

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