Advice on How To Light a Retail Space

In any environment, lighting plays a crucial role. It can make or break the atmosphere of a space, and that is especially true in the case of retail lighting. Without proper lighting, it can be difficult for your customers to navigate the shop and browse all of the products. In short, a lack of quality retail lighting may affect your bottom line. Read on to learn more about shop lighting.


What Types of Shop Lighting Can You Buy and What Are the Ways To Use Them?

There are various types of retail lighting and just as many ways to use them depending on the situation at hand. Below are a few of the most common types of LED lighting for retail spaces:


  • LED TRACK LIGHTING. LED track lights are light heads that sit on a track. LED track lights such as track spotlights can usually be moved around and angled in certain ways. This makes them particularly useful for highlighting certain products or making your window displays stand out.
  • LED DOWNLIGHTS. LED downlights are perfect for providing general illumination around a certain area. Often, they have a tilt function that will allow you to also use them to cast more illumination on certain displays.
  • RETAIL DISPLAY LIGHTING. Fixtures such as jewellery display lights and other forms of LED cabinet lighting are best for shops that sell smaller items, like jewellery or trinkets. This type of lighting is made to draw attention to the small items and make them sparkle while eliminating any shadows. This helps these small items get the attention they need and prevents them from being so easily overlooked.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing LED shop lights:

  • Plan for the kind of space you have, as you do not want to overwhelm your customers with bright lights. Having a pleasant mood in the space will not only make them more comfortable but may make them linger in the store longer. If your shop is small, you can use lights to try and make it look larger without overwhelming the senses with too much illumination.
  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE. Colour temperature exists on a spectrum that is measured in units Kelvin. Warmer colours tend to be better for home environments, while cooler light colours are better in retail shops. Cool light shows the appearance of the products in a more accurate way while also generally having a clearer brightness, making it easier to shop.
  • CONSIDER VERTICAL LIGHTING. Using vertical lighting helps attract the attention of window shoppers, making them look deeper into the shop and its products.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LAYERING. Layering the illumination in your shop using various types of light will help provide a more well-rounded look. Consider LED spotlights, ambient lighting, accent lighting and even wall sconces to bring light throughout the entire store.


Why Use LED Lighting For Retail Stores? 

Shop display lighting is something that you will have on for most of the hours during both day and night. Because they are on for long periods of time, it is best to try and optimize them for efficiency. One of the best ways to do that is by using energy-efficient LED lighting. There are a few benefits to LED shop lighting outside of their energy conservation:


  • LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS. Because LED lights take less power to operate, you can expect to pay less on your energy bills because of it. Changing out your traditional bulbs for LED lights can cut down on annual costs and even save you money having to buy new lights, as LED lights are generally rated for at least 20,000 hours.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. There is no need for any electrical knowledge when it comes to installing simple LED fixtures.
  • Unlike traditional bulbs that give off most of their energy as heat, LED bulbs give off most of their energy as light. Only minimal heat is output, and it is barely detectable. This is good for keeping the temperature down in the store so customers feel more comfortable and inclined to stay and browse longer. In this way, it may also save you money due to the air conditioning not having to work so hard to cancel out the heat from the lights.
  • REDUCES MAINTENANCE NEEDS. Since LED bulbs have a longer life than halogen or incandescent bulbs, they won’t have to be replaced very often. You won’t have to waste time constantly going through the store, removing bulbs and replacing them.
  • COLOUR TEMPERATURE OPTIONS. With the ability to choose from a broad spectrum of warm and cool colours, you are ultimately in control of the mood of your shop.

retail store with LED lighting

How To Design a Shop Window Display

Figuring out your window lighting can be daunting, as this is one of the areas that can attract shoppers to come inside, and you want to do it right. Read on for some tips on how to create compelling window displays in your shop:

  • CREATE A FOCAL POINT. All window displays should have something they focus on. Choosing an element of the display to make dominant will grab the attention of those passing by, at which point that attention can be drawn to other products being sold. Build the display around the focal point for best results.
  • ACHIEVE OPTICAL BALANCE. Balance is important, and symmetrical displays are quite pleasing to look at. By creating order this way, the brain can quickly process the information as your customers look at it, so they are more likely to want to look at it more. Create balance through colours, textures, weights and other such aspects.
  • GROUP TOGETHER STYLES. Pyramid grouping is a common display style as it encourages the eye to naturally move around the space. Repetition grouping is another style that emphasizes a certain aspect that you want to draw attention to instead of a group of them.
  • PUT IMPORTANT ITEMS AT EYE LEVEL. To get your customers looking where you want them to and even make them step in to take a closer look, you should keep items that you want to sell most at eye level. This will make it easier for your customers to get a look at the items without bending down or having to stand on their toes.
  • TELL A STORY. By using your window display decorated with props alongside items for sale, you can create a story that is more interesting to your customers. Themes allow them to better see themselves wearing the clothing or otherwise using the products, making them more likely to buy.
  • USE TRACK SPOTLIGHTS. Be sure that the potential customers don’t miss a thing by using LED track lighting. With it, you can shine light on a specific area or product and make customers do a double take.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN. Avoid making the window display too cluttered. Go for a minimalistic look that puts focus on the products and the story you are trying to tell without too much extra visual noise.

shop window display with LED track lighting spotlights

How To Light a Jewellery Store

Jewellery stores naturally showcase expensive items. Making sure that the lighting is adequate so customers can see what they are going to potentially be purchasing is a good way to ensure sales. Below are some tips on lighting your jewellery shop:


  • AMPLE AMBIENT LIGHTING. Having a brightly lit jewellery store can stop shadows from cropping up, which will in turn make all jewellery on display look better. Use beautiful, decorative overhead lighting that has an opulent or sophisticated look to really make the space feel sophisticated.
  • DISPLAY CABINET LIGHTING. Having small spotlights shining on the jewellery in the cases will provide an extra layer of dedicated lighting that allows customers to better see the details of the products. This type of lighting can also enhance the appearance of jewellery by making it sparkle and shine.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOUR TEMPERATURE. Having a blue-white colour temperature will make the appearance of the jewellery stand out. It will also provide a more accurate depiction of the jewellery itself without the reddish-yellow hue of warm light being cast on it.

Jewellery store with LED track lighting and cabinet display lighting

Why Is Lighting Important in Clothing Store Changing Rooms?

Fitting rooms are one of the biggest perks of shopping in person as opposed to the more convenient route of simply shopping online. Having a fitting room lets customers get an accurate look at what the clothing will look like on their unique bodies instead of having to guess, making them more likely to purchase the items if they like what they see.

That is the key idea: making sure they like what they see. If you do not have the right lighting in a fitting room, it will not provide the most flattering light. Poor lighting will create shadows on the customers, which may make the clothing look unflattering when, in normal lighting, it looks just fine. Lighting that is too bright may also make one’s skin and hair appear a bit lifeless, which can impact the opinion of the customers as they look at themselves in the clothing.

Another common mistake is having the wrong colour lighting. It is generally best to have a clean, fresh white light of around 4000k. This will make the appearance of the items genuine without being too harsh and unattractive. Positioning your lighting in the front instead of overhead will also provide a more flattering look, as it will reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones and reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes. Generally, light that shines straight on is just more flattering than light that shines from overhead.


Which LED Light Colour Is Best for Retail Lighting?

As mentioned above, colour temperature in lighting is defined by units Kelvin. The lower the number on the Kelvin scale, the warmer the light. The higher the number, the cooler the light. Ultimately, it is best to choose the light that looks best for your space, though cooler lights are recommended for most shops. If your store has wood tones, reds or golden hues, you might prefer a warmer colour temperature to go along with it. If you have silver, white or blue colours in the shop, a cooler colour temperature may befit your space better.

If you can, try to find a light with a good CRI. A good CRI will render the real appearance of the colours in the shop in an authentic way. This will prevent you from having to process returns when your customer leaves the shop and sees that the colour of the item looks different in the real world than it does in your shop.

LED light colour temperature guide 

Tips On Lighting A Clothing Store

To sell more items in your clothing store, you need to consider the lighting. Read on to learn a few tips for doing this effectively:


  • BEGIN WITH DECORATIVE LIGHTING. When you use decorative lighting, especially in window displays, you can make the store seem more fun and vibrant. LED light boxes are a good choice since they can be decorative lighting that is also good at showcasing accessories for clothing.
  • USE ACCENT LIGHTING. Using lights like LED track lighting can highlight specific products you want to draw attention to. This is true for both window displays and in the shop itself. Track lighting is well suited for lighting wall displays, racks of clothing and other areas with a specific beam of light directed right onto them.
  • PLACE BRIGHT LIGHTS CAREFULLY. Bright lights should be used only in the entrance areas, checkouts and dressing areas but not in places where people would be just wandering around and browsing.
  • CREATE A MOOD. Some shops look better with warm, low, inviting lights, while others do best with bluish-white, cool colours. Determine the mood and the point of your shop and work from there.
  • UNDER-SHELF LIGHTING. Choose lights that shine up from below the shelves to accent items without casting shadows. This creates a cleaner, more modern look and eliminates the risk of customers bumping into the lighting.
  • USE NATURAL LIGHTING TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. If your store has an outward-facing front, take advantage of the light that is naturally provided. Where possible, this light will give customers a more accurate look at how the products will appear in the real world. It will also make the store feel more open and comfortable.


Five Ideas for Retail Lighting


  1. LSP195 16 Watt Black And Gold LED Track LightLSP195 16 watt black ceiling track lighting

The LSP195 16 Watt Black And Gold LED Track Light is an elegant light that will direct attention to certain products without being too distracting. This LED track light features a neutral black finish with a gold-toned rim, which is subtle but still sophisticated. It is great for use especially for wall and window displays and is available in your choice of either warm or cool colour temperatures.


  1. LSP176 30 Watt LED Track Light Fitting

LSP176 30 watt white track lighting

The LSP176 30 Watt LED Track Light Fitting is even more subtle than some others with its sleek white, silver or black colour finishes. It attaches to the track and features movable shades that you can adjust to point in a specific direction. Its versatility allows you to move it around when you change displays to highlight different items as you go.

  1. LDC321 24 Watt Twin Modular LED Downlight Fitting

LDC321 24 watt modular recessed LED downlight- commercial lighting

Perfect for subtly highlighting certain objects or features, the LDC321 24 Watt Twin Modular LED Downlight Fitting serves a similar purpose as a track light. Instead of being on a track, it appears to be recessed into the ceiling. This offers an even more modern look that fits in well with any shop. The white colour finish makes it easy to incorporate into decor of any kind without clashing.


  1. LDC963 36 Watt Triple Modular LED Downlight Fitting

LDC963 36 watt modular recessed LED ceiling downlight fitting

Similar to the above, the LDC963 36 Watt Triple Modular LED Downlight Fitting provides dedicated lighting from an overhead source. This fitting has three directional heads that can be tilted to shine in certain areas. Each light bulb is recessed into a black rectangular housing that offers a sleek modern look. Along with the black housing, the silver-trimmed edge and reflector cones allows the fitting to be worked into any colour scheme or decor style.


  1. LSD018 3 Watt Black Triple LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights

LSD018 3 warttr triple upright cabinet LED display light fitting

Using the LSD018 3 Watt Black Triple LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights, you can shine light inside a display cabinet or jewellery case. This will provide dedicated light for smaller items that need extra attention without casting unnecessary shadows. The three heads can be turned and adjusted to highlight specific items in the case.

Retail display lighting has the potential to serve a massive role in your shop. Without proper lighting, you may miss opportunities to get the attention of your customers and therefore their business. Above, we have explored some of the benefits of retail lighting as well as how to properly implement it into your space.

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