5 Great Display Cabinet Lighting Ideas

At your place of business, what your customers see is what they will use to determine whether or not they intend to make a purchase. When you have a brick and mortar shop, you don’t have the benefit of product descriptions and other e-commerce features to entice them into buying.

For this reason, display cabinet light fittings are a crucial element in any shop. Below, we’ll explore display case lighting as well as how to incorporate it into your shop.


What is Display Case Lighting?

Display case lighting, also sometimes known as showcase lighting, is simply a display cabinet with lighting inside of it. Most commonly, you will find jewellery display case lighting, but this is not the only purpose it can serve.

Display cabinet LED lighting lets your customers better view the products you have on sale in a display case. Since these tend to be smaller items, having light that illuminates all of the finer details is a must.

This will also allow customers to shop independently and only approach an employee if they have questions. Furthermore, displaying items in a glass cabinet with lights simply makes your shop more visually appealing. With display cabinet lighting, your shop is truly displayed in the best light.


Why is Display Case Lighting Important in a Shop?

Besides encouraging sales from your customers, adding a display cabinet light has the potential to bring about other benefits as well. Below are just a few of the reasons why LED lights for display cases are crucial:


  • OFFERS ADDITIONAL SAFETY – Usually, glass cabinet lighting is shining down on valuable items such as jewellery or any other such items you want to keep behind glass. With proper LED lights for glass display cabinets, you can add an extra layer of security to prevent shoplifting. There will be no shadowy corners in the area for customers to potentially reach in and take from, further securing your products.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Display cases can be helpful for keeping track of the inventory in your store. Instead of having to search throughout the shop for your most valuable products, you will know exactly where they are and can keep them locked up. This will make placing new orders a simpler process as well.
  • CUSTOMER INDEPENDENCE – With the items on display, customers can browse at their leisure and examine various types of products before deciding on one is that right for them. Those who enjoy browsing around and making their own decisions when shopping will get the most benefits out of a well-lit display case.

Jewellery case illuminated with mini LED display case lights

How Do You Light a Display Case?

To get the best possible results from your display case lighting, follow the tips below.


  • USE A DISPLAY CABINET LIGHTING KIT – In order to make it easier for you to create a beautiful display case with minimal effort, it’s a good idea to use a kit that already comes with everything you need.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LED LIGHTS – LED lights pose many benefits to business owners specifically. At the top of the list is the versatility of the lights. You can choose everything from the brightness of a light to its colour temperature to stay in control of its appearance.

LED light is also energy efficient, meaning it needs less power to operate. For a business that constantly has its lights on, this can make a big difference in your energy bills over time.

LEDs are also small and easy to incorporate into smaller areas such as display cases, making them a breeze to work with and install.

  • USE LED STRIPS – You can provide plenty of lighting in a display case by installing strips on the “ceiling” of the display case. These can be used in display cases of any size, making them quite versatile.
  • INSTALL POST LIGHTS – Elevate the look of your display case while also offering plenty of illumination with lights on a post. These are free-standing lights that can be installed anywhere on the shelves for more customisation in placement.

What to Consider When Lighting a Display Case

Below, you’ll find a few things to keep in mind when you are lighting a display cabinet:


  • ILLUMINATION AND SHADOWS – The appearance of the items within your cabinet will depend on where you place the lights. The placement of the lights will also dictate the level of shadows. For instance, lighting from the top runs the risk of creating shadows if the products below aren’t carefully positioned.
  • SURROUNDING LIGHT SOURCES – Consider the light fixtures that you will have around the case when lighting it up. If you have other lights too close to the fixture, you run the risk of causing a glare. One way to avoid this is to add diffusers or change the fixtures themselves to soften the light.
  • LUMEN COUNT – Whether you are using the case for the usual purpose of highlighting products or hoping to set a mood, the lumens are important to consider. Fewer lumens will create a dimmer light, while more lumens will make it brighter.

What is The Best LED Colour Temperature For Display Case Lighting?

One of the most important aspects of cabinet lighting revolves around the temperature of the lighting itself. Colour temperature refers to a light’s coolness or warmth. This “temperature” is measured in degrees Kelvin.

It occurs on a spectrum between 1,000k and 10,000k. Warm lights are situated along the lower end of the spectrum. On the higher end, you will find cooler lights.

Cooler lights tend to provide a more accurate representation of the items that it shines on, making it the ideal choice for display case lighting. Even so, warmer light does have its purposes, especially when it comes to jewellery.


  • 2200k to 3000k warm white light is ideal for gold jewellery. It is also beneficial for yellow or orange gemstones.
  • 2500k to 4100k cool white light is nice for general use and is rather neutral.
  • 5000k to 6500k blue white light is what is often known as “daylight.” It is the preferred colour temperature for special display cases, such as ones containing diamonds.

LED colour temperature guide


Ideas for Display Case Lighting


  1. LSD016 1 Watt Black LED Cabinet Display Spot Light

LSD016 1 watt black cabinet LED spotlight- Retail cabinet display lighting

The LSD016 1 Watt Black LED Cabinet Display Spot Light is a versatile cabinet light that you can install on the ceiling or walls of the display case, depending on your needs. This light head can be turned and tilted to shine in the direction you need, making it convenient for rearranging your displays. It outputs a total of 70 lumens of 6000k cool white light, which is best for diamond jewellery. It measures 20 millimeters by 20 millimeters, so you can easily install more than one.



  1. LSD017 2 Watt Black Twin LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights

LSD017 2 watt black display cabinet shop lights

This LSD017 2 Watt Black Twin LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights features two twistable light heads affixed to a post, allowing you to place it anywhere inside of your display case. It measures 183 millimeters in height, making it well suited for medium-sized cases. The fixture is fashioned out of durable aluminium and finished in a sleek black colour. It outputs 140 lumens of 6000k cool white light.



  1. LDC366 2 Watt Black Twin Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights

LDC366 2 watt twin black recessed display cabinet lighting kit

With the LDC366 2 Watt Black Twin Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights, you can easily install overhead lights in your display case. This slimline light measures 110 millimeters by 40 millimeters and can be coupled with other similar lights to illuminate an entire case. It is fabricated out of durable aluminium finished in neutral black to subtly blend into its surroundings. This light outputs 140 lumens of 6000k cool white light that shines at a 30-degree beam angle.



  1. LSD018 3 Watt Black Triple LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights

LSD018 3 warttr triple upright cabinet LED display light fitting

For larger display cases, try the LSD018 3 Watt Black Triple LED Cabinet Display Spot Lights. This light fixture is tall, standing at a height of 250 millimeters, making it good for medium to large display cases. It is black in colour, so it can fit into any display case’s appearance. Its standalone nature means you can position it anywhere that it looks best, perfect for rearranging cases. This light shines 210 lumens of 6000k cool white light.



  1. LDC367 3 Watt Black Triple Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights

LDC367 3 watt black recessed LED cabinet display spotlights

Create a large spread of overhead light with the LDC367 3 Watt Black Triple Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights. This 3-light spotlight features light heads affixed to a slim backplate that can be installed on the “ceiling” of your display cabinet. The three bulbs combine to provide a total of 210 lumens of 6000k cool white light. The product is built to last out of premium aluminium and finished in a neutral black hue. Measuring 160 millimeters by 40 millimeters, the fixture fits easily into most display cabinets.

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