Why Use Display Cabinet Light Fittings to Show off Your Products

Display cabinet light – Having proper light in your retail environment is crucial if you want to attract and keep the attention of your customers. This is especially true when you sell smaller items that are displayed in cabinets, which might not benefit from only having overhead lights in the space. Display cabinet LED lights can give your small wares the attention they need to capture the attention of your customers and make them more likely to want to buy what they see.

By utilizing mini spotlights for display cases, you can draw attention to all of the appealing details of your jewellery, watches, ceramics or other small items that you want to highlight. A display cabinet light is small enough to be used in display cases of practically any size and will give you the opportunity to showcase the features of the items you offer for sale. These lights are specially made for the job to ensure the best results.

There are many benefits to using cabinet display lights in your retail environment, and there are just as many light styles out there to consider before making your purchase. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve outlined a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for your new retail display case lighting.

How To Choose the Best Display Cabinet Light?

  • Display cabinet lights tend to come in two main styles: mounted or upright. You can choose a mounted light for smaller display cases such as ones displaying rows of jewellery and a taller, upright light for displaying ceramics and beyond.
  • The size of your display case will dictate the size of the cabinet display light you need. Before anything else, consider the case itself, and then compare it to the recommended size of the lights you are interested in.
  • The display cabinet light that you choose plays a big role in the result of the way the items for sale are illuminated. Opt for a bright light in an attractive colour temperature, preferably a cool white light, such as a 6000k colour.
  • To ensure a light lasts for as long as possible, choose one that is fabricated out of hard-wearing materials. Two of the best options are usually steel or aluminium. Both of these metals are strong enough to resist wear and tear from usage over time.
  • The finish you choose will depend on personal preference, and as usual, the choices include neutral hues like black or silver finishes that work well in any environment.

A high-quality cabinet display light could make all of the difference between your customers buying a product of yours and having them walk right past it. Without proper display cabinet LED lights, the details of your jewellery and other small items could easily be overlooked, costing you a sale. In this article, we offered a few tips on how to choose the best display cabinet light for your needs. When shopping our mini spotlights for display cases, revisit this article to make sure you have checked all of the boxes.

LSD014 1 Watt Black Cabinet Display Light

LSD014-BK 1 watt black standing LED cabinet display light fitting

LDC366 2 Watt Recessed Cabinet Display Light

LDC366 2 watt black recessed LED cabinet display downlight fitting

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