How to Create Attractive Light Features With Small Bollard Lights

Small bollard lights- Garden bollard lights are a form of outdoor lighting that are used in both homes and businesses. Illuminated bollards come in various shapes and sizes. Small bollard lights are often used to light walkways, pathways, parking lot parameters, and bike paths and more.

Small Bollard Lights For Home Use

Bollard lights may be placed in various places around your property. Garden bollard lights are used to light pathways in your garden or may be placed near specific plants you would like to highlight. Illuminated bollards are also used to light up walkways leading up to your home or to highlight your driveway. These lights can also be used to light the area around the steps of your home providing more safety for guests visiting your home.

Bollard Lights for Commercial Businesses

Illuminated bollards are not just for home use. Many commercial businesses that are open during the evening hours such as hotels, medical facilities, and eating establishments use small bollard lights to light up their sidewalks to created a more safe way for visitors to navigate from the parking lot to the businesses.

Bollard lights are also used to light up outside steps and things such as water features and areas that provide some outdoor seating.

Types of Illuminated Bollard Lighting

There are several different types of illuminated bollard lighting including high pressure sodium (like what is used in street lights), battery operated, solar and LED. Of all of these different types of bollard lights LED bollard lighting offers the most benefits for the following reasons:

  • LED bollard lights- don’t require batteries, or waste a good deal of energy, nor do they depend on getting a lot of sunlight in order to work consistently.
  • LED lights are low maintenance- These lights don’t require the changing of any bulbs or batteries because the light is built right into the small bollard lights.
  • LED are long-lasting- LED lighting will provide you with 20,000 hours of light or more.
  • LED lights are easy on the environment- LED lights give off less heat than other types of lighting, which means they produce less green house gases. In addition, LED lights give off no toxic elements, and they are entirely recyclable.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we offer a variety of bollard lights in various shapes and sizes. Our LED bollard lights are made using the latest LED technology and the highest quality materials. Our small bollard lights are suitable for both home and commercial use and are designed to hold up in a number of different weather conditions and climates.

Light all lighting, bollard lights should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Should you be looking for bollard lights for your home or business and are not sure which small bollard lights work best with your décor or your budget we have experts on hand that can be of assistance with you.

Please feel free to browse our selection of small bollard lights on our website, give us a call at 0800-678-5156 or speak to our online representative.

LFL009 9 Watt 210mm Tall LED Bollard Light

LFL009 9 watt black 210mm tall small bollard lights

LFL050 4 Watt Low Level LED Bollard Light

LFL050 4 watt llow level small bollard lights

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