How to Use Stunning Outdoor Bollard Lighting Fixtures

You see them everywhere at parks, around parking lots, Lining walkways of businesses and even on pillars at the end of home or estate driveways. Outdoor bollard lighting fixtures have become a very popular type of outdoor or garden lighting. Commonly referred to as post light outdoor bollard lighting fixtures can be useful for both businesses and homes. Here are just some of the uses for these attractive garden lights.

Where to Use Outdoor Bollard Lighting Fixtures

Walkway Lighting

Whether you own a hotel or other business that is open at night or simply need to light up the walkway or path to your home outdoor bollard lighting fixtures makes a wonderful way to provide adequate lighting for guests or customers while enhancing your outdoor décor. These lights provide plenty of light for people using the walkway to see clearly allowing for safer walking once darkness falls.

Garden Lights

Imagine staying at the quaint little B&B for the weekend and taking an after dinner stroll in a lovely garden light by post lights. Not only will enjoy a bit of fresh air in the evening, but you will be able to see the path clearly and not have to worry about walking into someone’s prize rose bush or trampling a flower bed. Those outdoor bollard lighting fixtures allows you to enjoy the sights as well as the scents of that night time garden stroll.

Driveway Entrance Markers

Whether you live on a large estate with pillars on each side of your drive entryway or live in a rural area and your property is surrounding by wooden posts and a wire fence, outdoor bollard lighting fixtures can serve as driveway entrance markers allowing people visiting after dark to easily find your driveway. These post lights are specifically designed so that they can be installed directly on the ground or onto of another post or pillar so you can set these lights at any height you happen to choose.

What Type of Bollard Lighting Should I Get?

The type of bollard lighting you choose is entirely up to you. However, more and more people are using LED outdoor bollard lighting fixtures for a number of different reasons including:

  • LED Garden Lighting is Long-Lasting- It can be tedious enough constantly changing light bulbs in all of interior lights without having to constantly change the light bulbs in your outdoor lights as well and with LED outdoor bollard lights you simply don’t have worry about changing a light bulb ever. Best of all these lights can last 20,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or more depending on the light you choose so you won’t have to change one of these lights for years!
  • LED Bollard Lights are Energy Efficient- LED lighting is energy efficient using only a fraction of the energy that other types of lighting options require, which means that these lights can save you money on your energy bill. While it’s true that if you just have a couple of bollard lighting fixtures to mark the entrance to your drive, you won’t really notice the savings, the savings will definitely be noticeable if you are lighting a walkway, a parking lot or other area of your area of your business with these types of lights.

LED lights do need to be hard wired into your 110/240 electric main so make sure that you have a licensed electrician on hand to do the wiring of these lights.

LFL026 10 Watt Black LED Bollard Lights

LFL026 10 watt black outdoor bollard lighting fixtures

LFL051 4 Watt Modern LED Garden Bollard Light

LFL051 4 watt modern outdoor bollard lighting fixtures

LFL011 9 Watt 700mm Tall Black Bollard Light

LFL011 9 watt black 700mm outdoor bollard lighting fixtures

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