Guide to Buying LED Bollard Lighting

Bollard lights for garden spaces are growing in popularity. With bollard post lights, you can enhance the feel and functionality of your outdoor living space or exterior commercial area. Read on to learn about outdoor bollard lights, their benefits and how to incorporate them into your space.


Overview of the Benefits of Bollard Lighting 

Garden bollard lights offer many perks beyond simply lighting up the immediate area. There are many reasons to use outdoor bollard lights, some of which include:


  • SAFETY. A well-placed bollard lamp can do wonders in making a space feel safer. Bollard lighting can provide efficient lighting for walkways to make them safer to navigate.

By clearly defining where the pathways are, you and your guests can see edges on paths. Landscape pathway illumination such as this can help prevent trips, falls and other accidents.


  • SECURITY. In a similar vein, illuminated bollards may also improve the overall safety of an area. This works by increasing the visibility in an outdoor space, which will deter intruders from coming onto the property. The more shadows there are for them to hide in, the more likely they are to try and sneak up.


  • EXTENDED LIVING SPACE. By incorporating garden bollard lights into your property, you can make the most of your outdoor area. With bollard lights, outdoor living spaces become usable in the evening, making them perfect for entertainment areas.


  • GUIDANCE AND ZONING. Driveway bollard lights, bollard pathway lights and bollard lights near seating areas can section off the outdoor space into various zones of functionality. Clear distinctions like this allow bollard lights to also more clearly guide guests towards the entrance of a given place. Driveway bollard lights also serve this sort of purpose.


  • WAYFINDING. Help guide guests around paths by using ambient lighting for pathways. These lights will help direct people on where to go to make it easier to navigate unfamiliar outdoor areas.

Car park bollard lights are also good for this purpose. They can indicate where parking areas are while also marking the paths for driving between the lanes.


  • ACCESSIBILITY. Garden bollard lights can help those with mobility issues more easily navigate outdoor spaces. They can also benefit those who may have vision impairments by making the areas brighter and easier to see.


  • APPEARANCE AND AESTHETICS. Decorative LED bollards can bring a sophisticated look and feel to your outdoor space. Bollard landscape lighting enhances the area by providing sleek, elegant posts of light scattered across the property.

Bollards can be used to create atmosphere, set a mood or highlight certain features outdoors. Since they come in many designs and styles, you can use them to complement the existing style of outdoor space.

  • DURABILITY. Like any outdoor light fixture, LED bollard light fixtures need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. Using bollard light fixtures as bright and durable pathway lights will help illuminate your outdoor area without fear of damage.


  • LOW MAINTENANCE. Due to their durability and long lifespan, you’ll spend far less time maintaining the lights and will replace them less frequently.


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. If you’re looking for green space lighting ideas, LED bollards are the way to go. Low power consumption bollard lights are gentler on the environment. This can help you lower your overall environmental impact. This is especially true if you choose solar garden post lights, which require no electrical energy consumption whatsoever. Using less energy also translates to lower electricity costs, which can save you a good deal of money in the long run.


  • COST EFFECTIVE. If you’re looking for inexpensive LED lighting solutions for exteriors, bollard lights are the way to go. They provide plenty of illumination without using too much energy and running up your electric bill. They are also long lasting, so you won’t have to constantly spend time and money to replace them.


  • BRANDING. Commercial bollard lights can contribute to the overall branding and visibility of your property. It makes for a professional and inviting area that customers and clients alike feel good about approaching.


LFL064 garden bollard light illuminated at night

How To Integrate Bollard Lighting Into Your Garden Design

Whether you are incorporating domestic or commercial bollard lights, you can follow some basic guidelines to make sure they fit in well.


  • CONSIDER THE LAYOUT OF THE GARDEN – Identify areas of the garden that you want to illuminate, such as pathways, focal points, entryways, landscaping elements and seating areas. You can also plan the different lighting zones of the garden.


  • THINK ABOUT LIGHTING OBJECTIVES – Once you know the types of areas you want to light, you can consider what purpose you want those lights to serve. This includes features like safety, atmosphere, ambience, or task lighting. Knowing this will help you choose the right kinds of bollard lights for your space, as well as their placement.


  • CHOOSE THE BOLLARD LIGHT – From short bollard lights that sit low to the ground to taller ones with a greater presence, there are a variety of bollard lights to choose from. Choose one based on the style, materials, and finishes that will work best with the appearance of your outdoor space.


  • THINK ABOUT LIGHTING ANGLES – Determine where you want the light to shine and where to place the bollard light in order to achieve the desired effect.


  • INSTALL THE LIGHTS – Follow the guidelines from the manufacturer and install the lights accordingly. Consider that you may need to do things like burying cables, anchoring the lights and other tasks that may be better performed by a qualified electrician.


  • CHOOSE THE CONTROLS – You can have your bollard lights set on a smart system to turn on and off at certain times, such as dawn and dusk. Motion and light sensors are another common way to control your outdoor lighting to make operation more convenient.


  • DEFINE THE LIGHTING AREAS BEFOREHAND. During the planning process, take note of what and where exactly you want to illuminate. Think about the purpose of the lighting itself. Do you want it for aesthetic reasons, security or to create an atmosphere?


  • MAKE A PLAN. Break up the lighting into layers and figure out how you want to use your bollard lights for garden. Figure out the main entrances and pathways first and foremost. Then, figure out any garden features you want to accentuate and plan your landscaping illumination around those.


  • ZONE AND LAYER. Separate different areas in the garden into different zones that you can outline with small bollard lights. Zone out functional areas, focal points, pathways and seating areas. Each zone should get its own bollard style to clearly set them apart.

Then, be sure to combine your bollard post lights with other lighting sources. Spotlights, garden lights, soffit lights and other illumination sources will create a layered, well-balanced look.


  • WIRING. It is recommended that you have a professional electrician come and install your outdoor path lights and other garden lighting fixtures. This will reduce the risk of electrical shock while also ensuring your lights are up to code.


  • WORK WITH PLANT LIFE. When filling out your garden, choose plants that visually complement the lighting design. By choosing low-growing plants, you can prevent the foliage from obstructing your contemporary bollard lights.

You can also use bollards to uplight shrubs and trees. This will draw attention to the natural details of the garden while also creating visual interest.


  • GET CREATIVE. Black bollard lights, metallic fixtures and varying heights allow you to customise the outdoor living space to your preferences. Take advantage of all of the different styles that modern bollard lights offer to really up the personality of your outdoor area.


How To Use Bollard Lighting to Light Up a Pathway

Bollard lights make excellent choices for pathway illumination due in part to their 360-degree lighting. They can illuminate not only the path but also the areas around them for maximum illumination and visibility.

Placing bollard lights on either side of pathways will create a look of visual balance while ensuring there are no shadows cast on the paths. This will make it safer and easier for your guests to navigate the areas.

In order to make it look balanced and subtle, you can stagger or zigzag the lights instead of placing them directly across from one another. This will also create a natural sort of movement to guide your guests along the path.

When preparing to position the lights, be sure they are spaced correctly. It is generally recommended that they are placed around 1.8 to 2.4 meters apart from one another.

If you have trees along the pathway, you can create pathway bollard lights by integrating those. Shine path lights up into a tree to create an uplighting effect. This will not only cast a soft, pleasant glow around the path but will also generally enhance the look of the space.

Beyond bollard lights, you can also light up pathways using other styles of ground lights. Recessed ground lights are a common choice and are usually integrated on either side of the pathway. Walkover recessed lights can be placed on the paths themselves to create more interesting walkways through the garden.

If you have a garden wall, you’ll have many opportunities for path lighting. Placing spotlights behind trees facing the wall will make a beautiful silhouette. Similarly, you can place spotlights close to the wall to graze it, showcasing the textures of the wall itself.

In locations that get a lot of sun, solar-powered lights can be a nice addition. These require no wiring and use no electricity, making them simple to use, convenient to place and good for the environment.


Ways to Use LED Bollard Lights in a Commercial Setting

Commercial outdoor illumination benefits greatly from the inclusion of bollard lights. From the entryway to the car park, these post lights add to the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Unlike domestic lighting, there will be some unique factors to consider when using bollards in commercial lighting. Keep in mind design elements such as visibility, safety, branding and aesthetics to create a welcoming area in front of the business.

To promote branding, be sure you choose lights that work well with the existing design styles of the building. Opt for bollard lights that work well with the personality of the brand, such as contemporary or minimalist.

These general guidelines considered, commercial lighting may look different depending on the location in which they are placed.


Car Park Lighting

Car park lighting benefits most from uniform illumination to ensure clear visibility. Keep bollard lights installed at regular intervals to ensure balanced lighting without any dark spots or shadows. You can avoid glare in car parks with a lot of light by using bollards with downward-facing illumination.

Placing bollard lights near the entryway and exits can not only make it easier to find the way in and out. It could also enhance the security of the car park. Deter intruders from trying to break into cars by ensuring the entire car park is well-lit.

Similarly, placing bollard lights along the driving lanes and pedestrian pathways will make it easier to see where one should be driving. Lighting at intersections in the car park may also prevent accidents.


Hotel Lighting

Hotel lighting plays a huge role in the guest experience. With nice outdoor lighting, you can give a great first impression.

Light the pathways and entrance to the hotel to guide guests toward the door. Doing so can instantly make your property more welcoming. Similarly, make guests feel welcomed and relaxed by adding bollard lights around outdoor dining and lounge areas.

If you have any unique landscaping or architecture on the property, bollard lights can show them off. Place them along garden beds, hotel courtyards and under trees to create areas of visual interest.


Shopping Centre Lighting

Shopping centres are busy places and need to be well-lit. Bollards are there to help. Illuminate pathways such as sidewalks to help customers navigate to the entrances at night. Lighting up the storefront this way may also make customers feel safer, especially if your store is in a darker or less frequently travelled location.

Accentuate the storefront and show off some personality when you include bollards in unique formations and designs. This makes your property more visually appealing and may attract more potential customers towards it.


Parks and Gardens 

Gardens and parks are a canvas for beautiful lighting. Add bollard lights to the greenery to accent the trees and shrubs in the area to show off the natural appeal of the space. If there are any fountains or sculptures, bollard lights can also show them off.

Of course, you can make the parks easier to stroll in the evenings by lining the pathways with bollard lights. Soft, warm lighting here will provide enough illumination to see without detracting from the overall outdoorsy feel.

If there are recreation areas in the park, place some bollard lights near them. Playgrounds, picnic areas, benches and other such features could always use a little extra lighting.


Garden at night with LED bollards in borders

Different Types of Bollard Lights

There are three main types of bollard lights: mains voltage, 12 volt low voltage and solar.


  1. Mains Voltage

This type of bollard light connects to the main power. They tend to be brighter than other low voltage options due to their direct connection to ample energy. Other benefits include: 

  • Versatile options – There is a huge selection of mains lighting options to choose from, so you can find a beautiful bollard light that suits the appearance of your space.


  • Easy to install – Because this type of lighting is connected right to the electrical grid, you won’t have to worry about installing any transformers or other types of power supplies.


  • Cost effective – If you are planning to install many bollard lights, mains voltage bollards are the best option. This is because they get rid of the need for additional wiring and similar features, which lowers your overall cost of installation. Eventually, you will experience a lower energy bill as well, due to the energy efficient nature of LED bulbs.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using mains voltage: 

  • Safety concerns – A higher safety risk is presented by the higher voltage these lights use. There is a great chance of electric shock when servicing or replacing these lights.


  • Creative limitations – There is limited flexibility in terms of placement since they need to be near a connection point.


  • More time and effort – You will have to spend more time on maintenance, and servicing them on your own could be dangerous. It is best to have a qualified electrician to handle these instances.


  1. 12 volt low voltage


Some benefits of low voltage lighting include: 

  • Safety – Low voltage lights are thought to be safer to install and handle due to their lower power consumption. The risk of electric shock is reduced, which is especially important if you want to install them yourself.


  • Energy efficient – If energy costs are a concern, this type of bollard can help you out. They use less energy to operate, and therefore will lower the costs of your energy bills over time. This also makes them more eco-friendly.


  • Easy to install – Low voltage lights connect to transformers that are integrated into the electrical grid. This makes them easier to install as they will need less complex wiring. For this reason, they are a good choice for DIY installations.


  • Flexibility in placement – Since they do not have to be positioned near outlets, you have greater creative control over where you place the lights.


Some potential downsides of low voltage lights to keep in mind include: 

  • Limited brightness – Without as much power as mains lighting, you can expect low voltage lights to output lower levels of illumination.


  • Voltage drop risk – Voltage drops are common in low voltage lighting when more than one light is connected in a series. This may make it difficult to maintain the same level of brightness across all lights in the series.


  • Requires a transformer – You will need transformers to lower the voltage of the light from the main electrical grid. This complicates the lighting system and may require more care in installation and maintenance.


  1. Solar 


Solar lights are lights that get their energy from the sun. Some of the main benefits of solar lights include:

  • Energy efficiency – Since there is no need for electrical connections, you won’t have to add solar lights to your energy bill costs.


  • Eco-friendly – With no electricity to speak of, solar lights can actually lower your environmental impact.


  • Ease of installation – Without the need for wiring, installing solar bollard lights is often as simple as pushing them into the ground.


  • Low maintenance – Since there are no wires anywhere, your maintenance routine will require less time and effort.


  • Automatic lighting – Solar lights charge up during the day by exposure to the sun’s rays. Then, at night, they will automatically turn on. When the sun rises again, the light detection sensor will switch the lights back off.


A few drawbacks of solar lighting include: 

  • Sunlight dependence – If you live somewhere that has a lot of cloud cover, you may not be able to properly charge solar lights during the day.


  • Lower brightness levels – Without any electricity to power them, these lights tend to shine a dimmer light.


  • Weather dependability – On rainy, snowy or cloudy days, your solar lights might not work as well as they would if they were exposed to the sun all day.


Ways to Control Your Outdoor Bollard Post Lights

Some of the most common ways to control bollard lights include: 


  • MANUAL SWITCHES – Use these switches to turn the lights on and off by hand from a centralized control location.


  • TIMER – Set a timer to have the bollards turn on and off at certain times of the day or night.


  • MOTION SENSORS – With motion sensors, the bollard lights will only turn on when they detect movement nearby.


  • PHOTOCELLS – These light-sensing fixtures take note of the level of light at dawn and dusk and will turn on and off depending on the lighting level.


  • REMOTE CONTROL – Using a remote control, you can turn the lights on and off.


  • SMART CONTROLS – Integrate the bollard lights into a smart system and control them with your voice, phone or the timer(s) you set.


How LED Bollard Lighting Is Great for Deterring Intruders

Bollard lighting is a great addition to your security light system. They work by making the area more visible overall.

With greater visibility and illumination, intruders are likely to be deterred from walking onto your property uninvited. If there are shadows around the area, they are more likely to try and creep up. This can deter crimes of all kinds.

In the event that someone does walk onto your property unannounced, brighter areas means you can identify them more quickly and determine if they are a threat.

If you have security cameras set up, bollard lights can also make these recording areas easier to see. In turn, you can keep a better eye on your property when you are away and review footage with greater clarity.


Advice on How To Maintain LED Bollard Lighting

To ensure your outdoor bollard lights are working properly, it is important that you take the time to maintain them.


Routine Cleaning

You should regularly wipe down the fixtures to remove any dust or debris from their surfaces. Do so by using a dry, soft cloth or a can of compressed air. If you notice any stubborn stains or caked-on debris, using mild soap and a non-abrasive sponge may be more effective.


Look for Damage

When you’re doing your cleaning, stop and look for any discoloration, cracks or other visible damage. Seek out signs of wear and tear, and remedy any issues you may see.

Now is also a good time to check that the lights are working as intended. Keep an eye out for flickering or dim lights.


Fixing Common Problems

Dim or flickering lights could be caused by faulty connections or wiring. It could also be an issue with the bulbs. Look for the source and take care of it right away by replacing the broken elements and getting an electrician out to look at the bulbs if in doubt.

Keep an eye out for water in the fixture in the form of condensation. To take extra measures to prevent this, seal up any gaps using waterproofing materials.

Prevent corrosion altogether by choosing lights with rust-resistant materials and further protect them with anti-corrosive sprays. This is especially important in humid or salty coastal environments.


Long-Term Maintenance 

On occasion, you’ll want to lubricate the moving parts like joints or hinges. This will prevent stiffness which could ultimately lead to cracks. Lubricate fixtures using silicone-based formulas for best results.

If the painted surfaces are beginning to fade, give them a fresh coat. Outdoor-rated paints will last longer, so you should only have to do this every so often.


Seasonal Care

In the wintertime, you can protect lights from frost by using anti-frosting agents. You should also be sure the lights have proper drainage so that no melting snow or ice causes damage.

In the summer, try to protect the lights from glaring intense sunlight. This will prevent overheating. Similarly, ensure the lights have proper ventilation to evenly disperse the heat.


Ideas for Bollard Lights


  1. LFL009 9 Watt 210mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light

LFL009 9 watt black post light outdoor garden lights

The LFL009 9 Watt 210mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light is a short, stocky and stylish bollard light. It measures only 210 millimeters in height, making it a subtle addition to your outdoor space. The bulbs output 800 lumens of light at a 360-degree angle for maximum coverage. These lights are built to last from premium aluminium with a durable opal acrylic shade. This, paired with their IP65 rating, makes them strong enough to withstand the effects of weather.


  1. LFL008 5 Watt 850mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light

LFL008 5 watt black exterior bollard lighting

Tall and thin, the LFL008 5 Watt 850mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light is as decorative as it is practical. The sleek light measures 850 millimeters in height with a slimline 60-millimeter diameter. The product outputs 500 lumens of 3000k warm white light from behind an opal acrylic diffuser. The durable aluminium build and the IP65 rating allows the light to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors.


  1. LFL026 10 Watt 700mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light

LFL026 10 Watt Black Garden Bollard Lights

Stylish and functional, the LFL026 10 Watt 700mm Tall Black LED Bollard Light is especially great for use for pathway lighting. The 700-millimeter tall light features a small shade on the top that directs the light downward onto the path. It outputs an ultra bright 900 lumens of 3000k warm white light and creates a nice glow. The fixture is fashioned out of high quality aluminium and is IP65 rated to protect it from the elements.


  1. LFL062 12 Watt 600mm Tall Twin Black Spotlight LED Bollard Light

LFL062-1 12 watt twin head spotlight design outdoor bollard light

Provide ample lighting along the path with the LFL062 12 Watt 600mm Tall Twin Black Spotlight LED Bollard Light. This light features a double light head that can be tilted to shine light in the direction of your choice. It outputs a total of 1000 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making it ultra bright. With its IP65 rating and aluminium design, the light can withstand the effects of the weather it is exposed to. The product measures 600 millimeters in height and 198 millimeters at its widest point.


  1. LFL051 4 Watt LED Modern Outdoor Path Lighting Fitting

LFL051 4 watt modern outdoor bollard lighting fixtures

Enhance the aesthetics of your garden while improving the illumination with the LFL051 4 Watt LED Modern Outdoor Path Lighting Fitting. This eye-catching light shines illumination from each of the four openings on its rectangular body, creating four streams of light outward from the fixture. It generates a total of 400 lumens of 3000k warm white light that shines from within the painted grey stainless steel fixture. Overall, it measures 500 millimeters in height by 250 millimeters in width.

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