How To Use LED Garden Bollard Lights Effectively

LED garden bollard lights – The look and feel of your outdoor space can be heavily dependent on the lighting you choose to place there. This is especially true if you find yourself using the area at night as often as you do during the day. Proper lighting can make all of the difference in the world when it comes not only to enjoying the area but also navigating it safely.

LED garden bollard lights offer a quick and simple solution to a too-dark outdoor living space. They have a variety of uses that are ideal for both domestic and hotel applications. Garden post lights can be placed virtually anywhere in order to bring some illumination to the spaces that need it most. The lights you choose can look remarkably modern and stylish on top of it.

How Can You Use Outdoor Bollard Lighting?

  • GARDEN PATHS. Whether you have a paved path winding through your garden or rustic stepping stones, having enough lighting is important for strolling along the path safely. LED garden bollard lights can be positioned along the garden path in order to lead the way and give your guests better control of their footing. This can improve upon the overall safety of the space.
  • If you’re tired of guests mis-shooting the area where your driveway is and driving on your grass, outdoor bollard lighting may be able to help. You can outline the ends of the driveway to make it easier for them to see in the dark so that they drive and park in the correct areas.
  • In a similar vein, you can help guests safely walk up to the door of your home, hotel or business with LED garden bollard lights along the pathways.
  • If you often entertain your guests in your garden, having lighting in the area is important. Garden post lights can add gentle illumination to your outdoor space without being too bright.

How To Choose the Best LED Garden Bollard Lights

  • These lights come in a variety of styles to choose from. You can find stout, short bollard lights or tall, thin ones. You could also choose lights with a more modern square shape that shine light outward instead of up. This brings out a more artistic appearance.
  • Because these lights are outdoors, you need to be sure you are choosing lights that can weather the elements. The best material you can choose is aluminium. It is strong enough to withstand exposure to sun and rain without taking on damage.
  • Because the primary function of bollard lights is illumination, choosing good lighting is important. Pay attention to the lumen output and try to shoot for lights that have a 3000k warm colour temperature; this temperature is gentle on the eyes, which is especially important outside at night.

Outdoor garden bollard lights can go a long way toward making your outdoor space safer and more stylish. Above, we’ve offered a look at bollard lights and their uses. We’ve also provided you with a quick buying guide.

LFL009 9 Watt Black LED Garden Bollard Lights

LFL009 LED bollard light


LFL050 4 Watt LED Garden Bollard Lights

LFL050 4 watt low level outdoor bollard post light


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