How To Choose The Best LED Bollard Lighting Fixtures

LED bollard lighting fixtures – When you have an outdoor space that you spend a lot of time in, having proper lighting is important. This is especially true if you commonly have guests over to your home. You want to be sure that the outdoor space is not only inviting with plenty of illumination but also well decorated. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with garden post lights.

What Are Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights are small post lights that rise up from the ground and emit a soft glow. These lights are typically cylindrical-shaped and feature a diffuser on the top. The diffuser not only softens the light but also makes the light itself more decorative. LED bollard lighting fixtures are particularly well-suited for dark corners and paths in the garden.

You can use LED bollard lighting fixtures to light up the stepping path in your garden, along the path near the front of the house or as driveway bollard lights. Using them along the driveway makes it easier for you and your guests to see where to drive and park more easily at night. They come in many heights and sizes, so you can decorate how you see fit. They are a nice alternative to larger, more imposing garden lamp posts. Their height allows them to be better hidden while still shining plenty of light.

How To Choose the Best LED Bollard Lighting Fixtures

  • As mentioned, garden post lights come in different sizes and shapes. Would you prefer something long and skinny or something short and round? This comes down to a matter of preference as to how you’d like your garden to look.
  • Are you planning to use the lights as driveway bollard lights or path lights? Do you want to light up your hedges with them? The number of bollard lights you’ll need to buy depends on just how much space you want to cover or the perimeter you want to outline.
  • As these lights will be used outdoors, they should be made of high-quality materials, as you need lights that are going to withstand the exposure to the weather. Metal is a good material for this. Among the different metals, one of the best you can choose is aluminium. It is known for its remarkable resiliency and durability.
  • The finish is important to the overall appearance of the space. Usually, bollard lights come in a black hue. This hue makes it easy for them to blend in more easily to their surroundings. This also makes it easier to match them to any existing lights you may have outside.
  • IP RATING. Much like the material, you’ll want to be sure the lights have an IP rating that can withstand exposure to the elements like rain and snow.

There are many uses for LED bollard lighting fixtures. No matter where you want to install the fixtures, you’re sure to find the best ones here. Shop our site for your new garden post lights today.

LFL050 4 Watt Modern LED Bollard Lighting Fixtures

LFL050 4 watt low level outdoor bollard post light

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LFL026 LED bollard light

LFL010 9 Watt Black LED Bollard Light

LFL010 9 watt black LED Bollard Lighting Fixtures



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