How Illuminated Bollards Can Light Paths And Borders

Illuminated bollard – Bollards are short sturdy posts that have been used on ships, in construction and even as a parking lot barrier. Illuminated Bollards are lights that are built into short thick posts.

Bollard lights vary in height, width and shape (normally square or round) and are used for both residential and commercial lighting.

We light the inside of our home for a number of reasons including to provide comfort, safety and a feeling of warmth to our homes and lives. Illuminated Bollards can do the same thing for the exterior of you home.

How Illuminated Bollards Provide a Sense of Comfort

Whether you are simply taking your rubbish to the curb or returning home from work after dark most of us have some fear or at least a bit of nervousness about being outside the protective walls of our home or business after dark. Part of the reason for this, is because from the very beginning of mankind we have been taught that attacks on our person are more apt to occur under the cover of darkness. Having light allows us to see an attack coming and gives the opportunity to avoid it.

Even if you live in the safest neighborhood in the world, that ingrained nervousness of the dark remains a part of us. Having illuminate bollards lighting your path from your home to the curb makes us more comfortable when venturing out at night.

Illuminated Bollard lights also allow you to stroll comfortably around your garden enjoying the sights and sounds of those beautiful plants and flowers even after dark.

Illuminated Bollards Provides Safety to Your Outdoors

It is often difficult to see after dark, and all too often people take falls and become injured when walking out of doors after dark and tripping over an obstacle that may be in the path. Placing bollard lights along a pathway to light the way provides safety for anyone entering your home after dark.

How Bollard Lights Give Us a Sense of Warmth

Just like the sun and fire warms us, light also gives us at least the sense of warmth. We are drawn to areas of light much like a moth is drawn to flame. If you plan on spending some time out of doors in the evening hours then bollards lights can light up your path, your garden or various areas of your yard to give that feeling of warmth that we all just love.

Of course while lighting up some of our outdoor spaces can provide comfort, safety and a feeling of warmth we also want it to affordable and low maintenance. The good news is choosing LED bollard lights are not only affordable to purchase, but affordable to run as well since they require less energy than more traditional forms of lighting. Illuminated bollards are also low maintenance since these lights will run for 20,000 hours.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality LED lighting available including illuminated bollards in various sizes and different wattages. Our lights are specifically designed to withstand changes in weather. We do recommend having your lights installed by qualified electrician who can ensure that your lights are correctly and safely installed. Visit our website to view our selection of bollard lighting or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

LFL006 5 Watt 450mm Black Illuminated Bollard Light

LFL006 LED bollard light

LFL026 10 Watt 700mm Black Garden Bollard Light

LFL026 LED bollard light

LFL010 9 Watt Modern Black LED Bollard Light

LFL010 9 watt black modern illuminated bollards


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