Best Places to Use Garden Bollard Lights

Garden bollard lights are lights that are affixed to posts and are normally used along walkways, pathways, and parking lots. Pathway lighting bollards are normally either round or square shaped and can be used either on residential or commercial properties. Here are some of the places you are likely to see garden bollard lights.

Best Places To Use LED Garden Bollard Lights

Parks and Playgrounds

One of the places you are most likely to see garden bollard lights are in parks and playgrounds especially those with play areas or ball fields that are used after dusk. Pathway bollard lighting is used in these areas not only to set apart the drive from the playing areas, but pathways as well.

River Walks

LED bollard lights are also used along the edge of docks or paths on river walks to warn people walking the path where the water is providing a measure of safety for those walking or running along the walks at night.

Along Sidewalks to Commercial Businesses

Garden bollard lights are also used along the sidewalks leading from the parking lot to the door of the business. Bollard lights here are normally used for those businesses that remain open at night and may not only be placed along the sidewalks, but at the front or around the parameters of the parking lot as well.

At the End of Residential Drive-ways

Many residences in the UK place garden post lights at the entryway to their driveway. Some place these lights as they are and others mount them on top of posts to raise the height of the LED bollard light. Some residences may line their entire driveway with pathway lighting bollards.

Around Swimming Pool Areas

Another place where garden bollard lights work well is around swimming pool areas to provide extra lighting for evening swimming. A well-lit swimming pool area is vital to both homes and businesses.

Why Choose LED Bollard Lighting

More and more people across the UK are choosing LED garden bollard lights for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED lighting is more durable- LED bollard lights can hold up to lower temperatures than more traditional lighting options, this means that these lights will hold up well even when temperatures drop so you won’t have to worry about these lights dying at an inopportune time.
  • LED light are extremely energy efficient- This is especially important if you home or business uses a number of these lights since LED lighting uses only between 20% and 50% of standard lighting options, this means you can save a reasonable amount of money on your energy bill. It also means that you are doing your part for the environment by reducing the demand on your local energy company.
  • LED bollard lights are long lasting- Made using the very latest in LED technology these lights are designed to last 20,000, 50,000 hours or more, which means that these lights can several years before they need to be changed.

LED garden bollard lights do need to be hard wired into your 240 volt electric main, so make sure that you hire a professional electrician to wire your lights for you.

LFL006 5 Watt Black LED Garden Bollard Lights

LFL006 5 watt black garden bollard lights

LFL050 4 Watt Low Level Garden Bollard Light

LFL050 4 watt low level garden bollard lights

LFL026 10 Watt Black Garden Bollard Light

LFL026 10 Watt Black Garden Bollard Lights

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