Decorative Bollard Lights – How To Use Them In Your Garden

Decorative bollard lights – When you frequent your outdoor living space, having the right lighting is crucial. A well-lit space is often a more comfortable one while bringing with it the additional safety features you need. If you have an outdoor living space that is dark and dreary, it isn’t very inviting to your guests. Furthermore, it can make trying to navigate the area difficult to do. Garden bollard lights are a great solution for any outdoor space.

How Can You Use LED Bollard Light Fittings Outdoors?

Whether you intend to use them as practical or decorative bollard lights, this type of light can play a significant role in the overall look and feel of your outdoor space. The height of decorative bollard lights compared to other types of outdoor lights, for instance, can shine more evenly distributed illumination across the space. This opens up a wide variety of placement options for garden bollard lighting, including:

  • LIGHTING A DRIVEWAY. If finding your driveway in the dark is difficult due to the landscape, garden bollard lighting can help you outline it more easily. Placing the decorative bollard lights on either side of the driveway a few paces apart from one another can lead your guests up the proper path to park in front of your house.
  • LIGHTING PATHS. Similarly, if you have shadowy paths in front of the house or winding through the garden, decorative bollard lights can help illuminate these areas with greater ease. This improves upon the safety of navigating your outdoor area both for you and your guests.
  • HIGHLIGHTING SPECIFIC AREAS. When you have a pool or other feature that you want to draw attention to, you can place LED bollard light fittings around it. This can not only add additional lighting all across the space but also enhance the overall look you are trying to create.
  • ENHANCING THE OVERALL ATMOSPHERE. Decorative bollard lights can make an outdoor space feel quite magical when you place them strategically around the area. This is especially true when you install them around the seating areas you and your guests will be enjoying.

What To Consider When Shopping for LED Bollard Lights

  • By choosing a taller light, you can shine a wider spread of illumination. Shorter, stout lights are better for lining paths and driveways.
  • In order to reduce the frequency with which you have to replace the lights, choose materials that are built to withstand being placed outdoors by purchasing steel or aluminium.
  • IP RATING. Since these post lights will be exposed to the weather, it is important to prepare them for that. You can ensure your light is resistant to moisture and water damage by checking the IP rating.

LED bollard lights are an interesting addition to any outdoor space. They are versatile in their uses, both in a practical sense and a decorative one. Above, we’ve outlined a few different ways you can use bollard lighting to enhance your space. We’ve also provided a few points to consider when choosing your new lights.

LFL009 9 Watt 210mm Black LED Bollard Light

LFL009 LED bollard light

LFL051 4 Watt Modern Outdoor Bollard Light

LFL051 4 watt monder outdoor pathway lighting fitting


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