Tips and Advice on How to Light And Style Your Bedroom

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom. From getting ready for the day, unwinding from it and sleeping, your bedroom serves an important role. Therefore, it deserves some special consideration when it comes to styling the space. Below, we offer some tips on how to make your bedroom feel like home.


Popular Colour Palette Choices in a Bedroom

When choosing a bedroom colour scheme, different people approach it from different angles. For some, colours that are relaxing and good for sleep are a top priority. Below are some of the most popular colour choices for bedrooms and why people love them.


Promotes feelings of:

  • Calmness
  • Safety
  • Serenity
  • Stability



Promotes feelings of:

  • Sweetness
  • Tenderness
  • Innocence
  • Non-threatening energies



Promotes feelings of:

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Purity
  • Serenity



Promotes feelings of:

  • Calm
  • Peacefulness
  • Simplicity
  • Warmth



Promotes feelings of:

  • Calmness
  • Natural energies
  • Peace
  • Tranquility


Dive a little deeper into various colours and consider the following when you are going for certain vibes:

  • Cream for an airy, light feel
  • Gold for elegance
  • Green, Light for an earthy touch
  • Grey, Dark for a modern touch
  • Grey, Light for a dreamy escape
  • Lavender for a serene feel
  • Rose pink for a delicate, comforting vibe
  • Royal purple for some edge
  • Slate blue for calmness
  • Terracotta for warmth
  • Yellow, Light to soothe and relax day and night


Tips on How To Layout a Bedroom

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and each one tends to need special thought. Below are some general tips that you can apply to your bedroom planning, no matter what it may look like:


Position of the Bed

Since the bed is usually the largest furnishing in the space, you should work around the bed itself. Place it in the room first and put it in the center of the main wall if the room is small. Try not to block any windows.

Appearance of the Bed

Since it is the most prominent feature, make it stand out with your bedding, by adding a canopy and other creative ideas.

Keep Things Simple

Bedrooms that have limited space do best with a minimalistic approach and smaller items that don’t make the space feel tight and cluttered.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

Using mirrors to decorate not only makes a space look larger but it can also make the room look brighter. Decorative mirrors adjacent to a window or opposite a window will cause lighting to reflect throughout the room and brighten it up.

Design Around the Architecture

If your room has a sloped ceiling or asymmetrical shapes, play with them by positioning furniture according to how it works with these features.

Add a Seating Area

When you want to just relax in the bedroom but don’t want to sit in bed all the time, having a seating area is a fine idea. Position the seating cluster off to the side of the bed and near a window if you can manage it.

Create a Dressing Area

Having a dressing area in the room can make it feel more compartmentalized like a suite. Add dressing table lights to the area to make it feel like its own section of the space. 

Save Space Using LED Bedroom Lights 

Bedroom lighting is as important as the lighting in any other room. Using LED wall lights will brighten up the room without taking up precious floor space like lamps will.


Hotel bedroom lighting bedside hanging pendant lights

How To Light a Bedroom

Besides wall lights, there are other ways to incorporate LED lighting into your bedroom. Below are a few general lighting tips for you to consider:

General Lighting

Using LED pendant lighting for your ceiling lights can create a broad, even spread of light across the room. Ceiling lights provide the main layer of lighting in a space and are important for when you are moving around the room doing various things instead of staying in one place.

Task Lighting 

Over the bed lighting and LED reading lights play a big role in your bedroom lighting. Having task lighting there for you to read and relax can eliminate the need to have bright pendant lights shining down on your tired eyes. If you have a desk in the room, having wall lights or a small table lamp can limit eye strain when working at the desk.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can play a big role in the overall feel of your bedroom. It is good for setting the mood in a space, such as romantic or relaxing, and can provide a cosy glow for you to enjoy at night while you relax for bed. You can incorporate this through things like candles, corner lights or fairy lights.

Consider Brightness

Since the primary function of the bedroom is relaxation and sleeping, you don’t want to have lights that are blinding. Choosing a lumen range between 2000 and 4000 is recommended to make it comfortable while still being bright enough to see.

Consider Colour Temperature

The colour temperature of the light is as important as the brightness. It is recommended that you use warm white LED ceiling lighting, so it isn’t too harsh on the eyes. The same goes for wall lamps, LED reading lights and LED downlighters. If you choose cool light, it could feel too abrasive and clinical.

Take Lighting Zones Into Account

Depending on how big or small the room is, you might have different sections for different activities. These include sleeping, reading, getting ready for the day and so on. Take into consideration what should have task lighting or accent lighting instead of just throwing lights anywhere.

Lighting the Wardrobe

Having a bright light bulb in the wardrobe will help you pick out your outfits for the day. This is one space that is recommended to have cooler lighting, especially daylight colours, as it will give you a more accurate representation of what the clothes will look like out in the world.

Make a Statement

Using either a bold table lamp or an eye-catching floor lamp, you can use your bedroom lighting fixtures as an opportunity to add style to the room by creating a focal point.


Are Bedside Reading Lights a Good Idea in the Bedroom?

Bedside reading lights are instrumental to the comfort of your bedroom. This is especially true if you share a space with someone else. A headboard reading light mounted on either side of the bed gives each person the chance to control their own light amount.

The same can be said for any wall-mounted reading lamp. When one person is ready to sleep but the other is not, the lights can be turned on and off, so the one who is awake does not disturb the one who is sleeping.

Choosing a flexible reading lamp will allow you to adjust precisely where the light shines, such as if you want it pointed at your book. On the other hand, choosing recessed reading light fixtures will give your space a more modern and contemporary look while still giving you access to that all-important task lighting.


How To Choose the Best Bedside Reading Lamp


  • Decide if you need only one lamp or multiple lamps for more than one person.
  • Choose a light that is bright enough to read by but isn’t so bright that it can hurt your eyes or keep your partner awake.
  • Choose a warm white colour temperature, as this will be easier on the eyes.
  • Consider the style you want. Would you prefer something flexible and practical or something that puts more focus on style?


Ideas for the Best Bedroom Furniture

When figuring out the furniture in your space, keep these ideas in mind:


  • CHOOSE A BED THAT STANDS OUT. As the bed is the most prominent furnishing in most bedrooms, it is easy to make your bed the centerpiece and focal point. Using a unique headboard and bedding, you can make it into the attention-grabbing portion of the room immediately.
  • DON’T FORGET THE NIGHTSTAND. If you like to spend time reading in bed, take medications as soon as you wake up or want a lamp beside you, a nightstand is good to have. One that has drawers and other forms of storage can help you keep your bedside well organized and free from clutter.
  • CONSIDER A VANITY. Adding a vanity area like a table with a mirror and chair to the room gives you a dedicated space to get ready. If you are someone who has a lot of cosmetics, skincare products or jewelry, you can use this area to store them, saving on that crucial space you have in the bathroom.
  • Lighting, especially master suite lighting, can make or break the feel of the room. Use the bedroom as an opportunity to play with dramatic downlights, statement lamps and ornate wall sconces to not only light up the room but also elevate its style.
  • WARM UP THE FLOOR WITH RUGS. If your bedroom floor is made from tile or cement, it is a good idea to have an area rug. This can not only warm up the room by preventing you from having to walk on cold flooring but can add a sense of warmth. Rugs are also a great opportunity for you to add colour and style to the bedroom.
  • CHAIRS AND COUCHES. A comfy couch or a quirky accent chair can add personality to the room and give you more options for relaxation. It is also a good choice for when you have guests over because they won’t have to sit on the bed.
  • STORAGE BENCHES. A storage bench will not only provide you with seating but will give you extra space to store various items that you want close at hand but out of sight.


How Important Is Storage in a Bedroom? 

Bedroom storage is quite important, especially if you have a small bedroom. Without items stowed away, you can quickly succumb to clutter everywhere. There are many ways that you can incorporate storage into your bedroom:


Floating Shelves

In rooms with limited floor space, you can install shelves on the wall and place books, trinkets, decor items and other belongings on them.

Wall Hung Units

In a similar vein, you can hang cabinets on the walls and use them for concealed storage, which open shelves obviously don’t offer.

Trunks at the Foot of the Bed

Placing a trunk in your room will give you access to items you use often without having them constantly out in the open.

Use a Dresser

Storing your clothes in a dresser can save space in your closet, and storing a dresser in the closet can save space in your room.

Underbed Storage

Using boxes, tubs or specially built organizational items, you can turn that extra space under the bed into prime real estate for storage.

Over-Door Storage

Hanging an organizer over the door can provide you with room for shoes or various items that simply have nowhere else to go, sparing you precious space in other parts of the bedroom.

Over-Door Hooks

Similarly, you can hang hooks on the door that will allow you to organize accessories like purses, bags and scarves.

Multifunctional Furniture

As mentioned, items like storage benches are good for adding seating and giving you extra room to store your items. The same can be said for using a storage ottoman in your seating area if your bedroom has one. You can also use a storage bed that lifts to expose plenty of room inside of it for your belongings.

Add Shelves or Bookcases

if your floor space allows it, consider adding a piece of furniture like a bookcase with the expressed purpose to store and display items. You can use this item as a way to display various decor pieces to tie it more easily into the room.


Which Is Best, Blinds or Curtains in a Bedroom? 

The answer to this question largely comes down to personal preference, though there are certain guidelines in place for bedrooms. Many people prefer curtains–especially blackout curtains–in their bedrooms to block out light and make it more comfortable. Blinds in the bedroom are growing in popularity, however, and blinds like Roman or roller blinds are used to create an illusion of vertical space. Curtains offer more versatility in terms of design and can be used to decorate your room in a way that blinds typically cannot.

Modern bedroom with wall lights and hanging pendant light

How To Choose a Style for Your Bedroom

Choosing a style for your bedroom can seem like a big commitment, but there are a few easy ways to narrow down the kind of look you want to go for. A good place to begin is by creating mood boards and playing around with the kinds of vibes and colour schemes you like the most. In so doing, you can see some themes that are common throughout and begin to design from there.


You can ask yourself a few questions to figure out which direction to go in, such as:


  • Modern or traditional?
  • Bold colours or a muted palette?
  • Industrial fixtures or conventional furnishings?
  • Well-lit or moody and dark?


Once you have an idea, you can begin to style the bedroom with the following steps:


  1. Determine the layout of the bedroom.
  2. Choose a bed that fits the layout and the style.
  3. Choose bedding that fits the style.
  4. Bring in the storage pieces.
  5. Choose drapes or blinds.
  6. Decide on bedroom lighting fixtures.
  7. Tie it all together with accessories.


Is Carpet or Hard Floor Best in a Bedroom?

Much like the curtains versus blinds debate, this comes down to personal preference as well. Some people make the decision based on whether they prefer the look of hardwood or carpeting alone. Others think in terms of practicality; carpeting will require more vacuuming, while hardwood floors allow you to just sweep away messes. On the other hand, carpet allows for more design versatility than hardwood, as hardwood tends to give a certain feel to a space that carpet does not.


What Is Smart Lighting and How Do You Use It in the Bedroom?

Smart lighting solutions are a convenient and simple way to control your bedroom lighting. Using smart lights, you can control your bedroom wall lights, pendant lighting, headboard lighting and beyond using your voice, smartphone app or smart home integration.

Incorporating smart lighting design will give you customisable options when it comes to the look of your bedroom lights. With some smart lighting schemes, you can adjust the light colour and brightness to create the ideal mood in your bedroom.

As a bedroom is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation, convenience and easy access are key. Smart lighting provides both. With the ability to control and adjust lights hands free or from the bed using an app, you can easily transition from wakefulness to sleep without having to get up. Set the lights to begin dimming in the evening to help you unwind for bed.

Similarly, you can set up lighting routines that will automatically turn lights on and off at different times. Set your LED bedroom lighting on timers that will turn on when you want them to and turn off at bedtime to further make the space convenient and comfortable.


Tips on How To Use Pendant Lighting in a Bedroom 

LED pendant lights can enhance your bedroom lighting design by bringing modern flair to the room. Whether you are hanging them above a desk as task lighting or using them as your main ambient layer of modern bedroom lighting, incorporating pendants into your space is simple.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your bedroom pendant lighting:


  • CONSIDER PLACEMENT. Hang the pendant lights in a strategic way above functional areas of the bedroom. This includes areas such as the reading nook or bedside table as task lighting. Otherwise, you can hang them in the centre of the room to create ambient lighting.


  • CHOOSE THE SIZE RIGHT. For smaller task lighting applications, pendant lights work best when they are the correct size for the room. For ambient lighting, you can make a statement with a larger, dramatic pendant light to contribute to your overall bedroom styling. Be careful, though, because if the bedroom is small, a large pendant light might overwhelm the space.


  • BLEND WITH DECOR. Choose lights that work well with your modern bedroom design. Opt for materials, finishes and colours that match your existing design scheme.


  • MATCH COLOUR TEMPERATURES. Be sure the pendant light is the same colour temperature as the other layers of light in the room. Having a mix of cool and warm tones can cause an unattractive clash and will be harsh on the eyes.


  • CREATE SYMMETRY. If you install more than one pendant light, do so in a way that is balanced and even. Similarly, you can improve the visual appeal of the bedroom by staggering the heights of multiple pendant lights.


Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover 

Below, you’ll find some Bedroom styling tips for creating a gorgeous bedroom without breaking the bank.


Use Existing Architecture

If your bedroom already has unique architectural features such as large windows or alcoves, you can use those to your advantage. Light them up with bedroom wall sconces that highlight their design and create purposeful shadows to instantly up the visual appeal.


Install Decorative Shelves

You can put your favourite books or trinkets on display and use objects that already exist in your room as a part of your decor. Choose unique shelves or bookcases that have their own personality for even better results.


Adorn the Headboard

Sometimes, all you need is just a little shake up. Give the headboard a fresh coat of paint and turn it into a focal point. Wall mounted bedside light fixtures on either side of the headboard can also increase its appeal.


Change Out Bedding

For a fresh new look, swap out your blankets and bedclothes. This is a fairly inexpensive way to change the atmosphere and vibe of your entire bedroom and takes very little effort on your part.


Upcycle Furniture

Take a look at the furniture in your bedroom or other areas of the house and see how you can change it up for your interior design. Whether that means repainting a cabinet or repurposing an old TV table, you can spruce up your bedroom design just by moving a few things around.


Hang Some Artwork

You don’t have to go all out on prints. Hang up some art from your friends or create your own to adorn the walls.


How To Create a Cozy Bedroom Retreat 

Make your bedroom into the relaxing getaway with these bedroom retreat ideas and tips:


Soften It Up

Instantly make your bedroom feel warmer and more inviting by piling on some blankets and pillows. Chairs, sofas and beds all can benefit from more comfort, so toss them all over.


Light Up the Bedside

The best bedside lighting is ultimately going to be whatever looks best in the bedroom. Whatever that may be in your case, do not overlook bedside lighting.

Bedside lights, such as LED headboard lights or wall lights, create a cosy bed area. Not only do they provide nice illumination for reading, but they can also be used as mood lighting. Turning on only that layer of lighting will create a soft, warm glow that will help you relax and unwind.


Choose Warmer Colour Temperatures

Opting for warm white lights, especially between 2700k and 3300k, will create a romantic, soft and diffused glow. This is especially beneficial if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere in the bedroom.


Bring in a Canopy

One of the cosiest additions you can make to your bedroom is installing a canopy over the bed. Whether this is an actual frame on the bed or some tulle attached to the ceiling, you can make your bedroom feel like a cosy hideaway in no time.


Lay Down Some Rugs

Rugs can instantly warm up a room, especially if you have hardwood or tile floors. Lay down some area rugs to soften up the floors and quite literally make them warmer.


How To Create Relaxing Lighting in the Bedroom 

Lighting ideas for bedrooms should all centre around making the space as soft and inviting as possible. By getting the lighting right, you can completely transform the room in the best of ways.

Bedroom mirror lighting is an ideal choice for creating soft lighting in bedrooms. Not only does it make for helpful task lighting during the day, but wall mirror lights can be used as accent or mood lighting at night. Similarly, adding some vanity or dressing table illumination will provide you with versatile lighting day or night.

Speaking of task lighting, add some soft light to brighten up a reading nook to relax and get away from it all. Choose either a small pendant light to hang over the area or place a floor lamp beside a chair. Creating a softly lit, cosy reading nook instantly makes the bedroom feel softer and more welcoming.

Bedside lighting is an absolute must if you want to create soft lighting. Place reading lights on the wall on either side of the headboard or directly on the headboard. This will provide either task or accent lighting depending on what you want to use it for at any given time.

During the daytime and early evening, you can also soften up the natural lighting coming in from outside. Hang some semi-sheer drapes that allow a little light through while filtering it for the best results.


Ideas for Accent Walls in a Bedroom 

To truly spice up your space and give it a new lease on life, consider an accent wall. Accent walls are focal points in any room and can give a space instant personality. There are many ways you can create accent walls in your bedroom:


Apply Wallpaper

Wallpapers have grown considerably from what they once were. While in the past, there was limited patterning and colour palettes to choose from, but you can now get wallpapers in an endless selection of prints. Use the prints to accentuate the style of the bedroom or enhance the colours of the decor.

By applying unique wallpaper to a single wall in the room, you can break up any monotonous colour schemes you might have. You can also use it as a large, mural-like design to give the room some artistic flair.


Paint the Walls

Applying new paint to a single wall in the bedroom can work wonders. Depending on the kind of mood you want to achieve, you can choose either warm or cool tones in varying brightnesses.

Tone down a bright room with a darker colour to provide some balance. Conversely, revitalize a room by instead installing a bright hue. Work with whatever colours already exist in your bedroom to create some contrast to create the perfect accent wall.


Light It Up

Lights can be used as more than just illumination. Get some decorative wall sconces to place on your walls that match the overall motif of the room and turn the fixtures into decor themselves.

Similarly, you can use wall lighting techniques such as wall washing or wall grazing. Wall grazing is especially good in rooms with textured walls, as it will draw out the intricacies of that texture and turn it into a focal point. Wall washing lights, on the other hand, will instead shine a halo of light behind the fixture on the wall for a decorative look.


Hang Some Art

Using various sizes of framed photos and paintings, you can create a gallery wall. A gallery wall will draw attention right to it while also adding some personality and personal flair to your bedroom.



Five Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom


  1. LWA315 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light

LWA315 3 watt beech wood LED bedside reading lamp

The LWA315 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light makes a great reading light in bedrooms that have a relaxed and modern feel, thanks to the beech wood finish. The natural wood grain of beech wood adds charm to boho spaces. The light features a spotlight style that can be twisted and turned to face in whatever direction you like. It outputs 120 lumens of light, making it bright enough to read but not bright enough to bother your tired eyes.


  1. Elegante Round Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA219 3 watt recessed LED wall reading light

if you have a luxurious, modern bedroom, the Elegante Round Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light is a good choice of reading light. It recesses into the wall and flips out only when you want to use it, making it sleek and minimalistic. This bedroom reading light comes in neutral colours like silver and black, so it fits into any modern space.


  1. LDC734 5 Watt Anti Glare Recessed LED Downlight

LDC734 5 watt recessed anti glare LED downlight

If you want modern overhead lighting in your room, the LDC734 5 Watt Anti Glare Recessed LED Downlight is a good choice. The light outputs 430 lumens, so by adding more than one to a vanity area or closet, you can create a string of modern, stylish lighting that gives you plenty of task lighting to work with.


  1. LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light

LBL283 6 watt round LED ceiling light fitting

For something more playful, try the LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light. The uniquely shaped ceiling light features an umbrella shape that causes light to reflect from its interior and spread evenly throughout the room, making it a good choice for ambient lighting. It comes in neutral and vibrant colours alike to suit the feel of your space.


  1. LWA378 5 Watt White Interior LED Wall Light

LWA378 modern interior wall light fitting

With its ultra-modern and artistic design, the LWA378 5 Watt White Interior LED Wall Light is a great accent piece in your room. It takes on the appearance of a folded sheet of white paper that has light shining up from inside the crease. It has a soft 3000k warm white colour temperature that can make the room feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Bedroom lighting and styling are important if you want to create a space you will love spending time in. Above, we have discussed various tips to help you turn your bedroom into your own private, personalised paradise.

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