How to Create Stunning Lighting With Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights

Wall mounted bathroom lights – Bathroom lighting is an easy way to dress up your bathroom, especially when it comes to wall sconces. There are many applications for bathroom lighting that you could consider.

Why Should You Use Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights?

  • INCREASED VISIBILITY. In many bathrooms, relying on the overhead light isn’t enough. Using wall mounted bathroom light fixtures will bring illumination to these often neglected areas of the space.
  • BETTER DURABILITY. Lights that are specifically made to be used as bathroom lighting is more durable than other types of lighting. They are at the very least water resistant but are most often completely waterproof.
  • EXTRA STYLE. Adding bathroom lighting can enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom, just like the light in other rooms of the house are able to.
  • IMPROVES THE ATMOSPHERE. Lighting near the shower or bath areas can create a more relaxing atmosphere which could help you wind down at night.
  • GREAT AS NIGHT LIGHTS. If you don’t want to turn on the main light in the bathroom at night, you can rely on a wall sconce instead.

What Are the Lighting Zones in the Bathroom?

Below are the lighting zones that need to be considered when shopping for your new wall mounted bathroom lights:

  • ZONE 0. In zone 0, you’ll find the lights that are entirely submerged in water. This often includes lights that are inside a wet room floor or in a bath. This zone requires lights with an IP67 rating.
  • ZONE 1. This zone includes the lights that are placed above the shower or bath and are directly exposed to large amounts of steam. This area will need lighting that also has an IP67 rating.
  • ZONE 2. This zone is thought to be the most common in the bathroom. Usually, this area covers the perimeter of the zone one area as well as the area surrounding the sink. In this location, you’ll need IP44 rated bathroom light fixtures.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, zone 3 encompasses all of the remaining areas in the bathroom, anywhere that jet water can’t reach. Though there are no special lighting requirements for this area, it is still recommended you choose a light with a minimum IP20 rating.

How To Choose the Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights

  • Choosing durable acrylic and metals like steel or aluminium will ensure the light won’t succumb to rust or other such corrosion.
  • IP RATING. You should pay attention to the area of the bathroom you want to light and note its designated zone. Be sure that the light you choose has the proper IP rating to be placed in that location.
  • Choose a style that best fits the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Bathroom wall lighting is as diverse and as varied in appearance as lights in any other part of the home. This leaves you with many options.

Bathroom lighting is usually overlooked but can actually play a vital role in the overall appearance and functionality of the room. Keep the points made above in mind as you browse our collection of bathroom wall sconces.

LWA431 6 Watt Round Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights

LWA431 round 6 watt LED wall mounted bathroom lights

LWA433 6 Watt Triangular LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights

LWA433 triangular 6 watt wall mounted bathroom lights

LWA451 6 Watt LED Wall Mounted Bathroom Lights

LWA451 6 watt LED wall mounted bathroom lights

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