Why Square Bathroom Lights Give Your Bathroom A Different Look

Square bathroom lights – Bathroom lighting is an important part of decorating and finishing your new bathroom. Proper lighting can make the space feel more comfortable to use, and incorporating a bathroom wall sconce will give you a softer light to use as a bathroom night light. There are many types of bathroom lights to choose from, from round to square. Before you make any decisions on what to purchase, you should first get familiar with the requirements of the lights.

Lighting a bathroom presents its own set of unique challenges to keep in mind. This is largely due to the moisture and wetness that is present in the bathroom as opposed to other rooms in the house. There are different areas in bathrooms capable of safely housing different lights. These are known as zones.

What Are the Lighting Zones in the Bathroom?

The zones of the bathroom and their unique specifications are as follows:

  • ZONE 0. In Zone 0, you will find the lights that are submerged fully in water, such as in the case of being inside of a wet room floor or inside of a bath. Because of their direct contact with water, they will need a waterproof IP rating of IP67 for safety and to prevent being damaged.
  • ZONE 1. These are the lights that are placed right above the bath or shower. Since they run the risk of getting splashed and are exposed to a lot of humidity, they will also require a waterproof rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 2. Zone 2 is the most common zone for bathrooms, meaning they have the most common requirements for the lights. Usually, this will cover the perimeter of the area in zone 1, as well as the radius of the sink. This requires IP44 rated illumination to protect it from moisture damage.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, zone 3 makes up anywhere in the bathroom that is outside of the zones mentioned above. These are areas of the bathroom where no jet water can reach. While there is no special IP rating or lighting required for this zone, it is recommended that you at least have a minimum IP20 rating to be safe.

How To Choose the Best Square Bathroom Lights

  • Square bathroom lights, in particular, are great for those who want a cleaner, more modern-looking bathroom. If you want something a little more subtle, you could instead opt for a circular-shaped bathroom wall sconce.
  • IP RATING. First, you should use the above information to determine what zone the light will be placed in. From there, you can double-check and make sure the light has the appropriate IP rating.
  • Due to the climate in the bathroom, it is important to choose a square bathroom lights that are fabricated out of material designed to withstand the moisture. Often, the best options for such lights are steel or aluminium.
  • Many bathroom light fittings tend to come in one of three choices, including metallic hues, black or white. Because of their neutral appearance, these lights are easy to incorporate into your bathroom no matter the colour of decor already there.

In this article, we explained the various lighting zone requirements in any given bathroom for your chosen square bathroom lights. We also offered a few pointers for finding your new light. Revisit this article as you shop for your next round or square bathroom lights to help you make the best decisions.

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