How to Use Over Mirror Lights Effectively

Over mirror lights – The mirrors in your bathroom serve a very important purpose. They are necessary to make sure that your hair looks great, you’re clean shaven or your make-up is on correctly and even for deep cleaning and moisturizing your face and neck. However, unless you have good bathroom mirror lighting your bathroom mirror can let you down. Which is why you rarely see a bathroom without some type of bathroom mirror lighting.

What To Look For in Over Mirror Lighting

There are a few things that you should look for when choosing over mirror lighting.

  • The light itself should shed lighting equally over the entire mirror so there are no dark edges or corners. This means that the light should be linear so that it is as wide or as long as the mirror itself.
  • The lighting should be soft enough to not cause a glare on the mirror that will prevent you from getting a clear view of your face, hair or even body.
  • Your over mirror lights should compliment the rest of your bathroom décor, not stand out as something that doesn’t quite fit.

Not All Bathroom Mirror Lighting Needs to Be Over the Mirror

You also need to remember that not mirror lighting needs to be over mirror lighting. Lights on both side of the mirror can meet your lighting needs just as well and many over mirror lights are designed so that you can be placed either over or beside your bathroom mirror.

In recent years LED over mirror lights have become increasingly popular forms of bathroom lighting. The popularity of these lights is due in large part to the benefits they can provide. These benefits include:

  • LED lights are highly energy efficient- One of the reasons why both home owners and business such as hotels choose LED bathroom lighting is because LED lights are incredibly efficient. These lights use only between 20% and 50% of the energy required by more traditional lighting options. The less energy a light needs, the less energy you use and the more money you save on your energy bill. In addition, not only do you save money, but you also reduce the demand on local energy companies.
  • LED lighting requires little or no maintenance for the lifetime of the light- LED lights do not have light bulbs that can burn out requiring that you change the bulb every few weeks or months. In fact, except for occasionally dusting off the light fixture, once you have an LED light installed you have no maintenance for the entire life of the light. Since LED lights are designed to provide you with light for 20,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or more this means that you can go with years before you will ever need to change one of these lights.

LED lights do need to be hard wired directly into 110/240 electric main, so wiring should be done by a qualified electrician both for your safety and the safety of your building.


LWA345 6 Watt Chrome Over Mirror Lights

LWA345 polished chrome LED over mirror lights

LWA337 6 Watt Stainless Steel Over Mirror Lights

LWA337 6 watt stainless steel over mirror lights

LWA339 12 Watt Stainless Steel Over Mirror Lights

LWA339 12 watt stainless steel over mirror lights

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