Our Guide to Over Mirror Bathroom Lights

Over mirror bathroom lights – There is a wide variety of bathroom lighting for today’s modern bathrooms. Over the mirror bathroom lights also known as vanity lights are some of the most popular lights in bathrooms today.

Over the mirror bathroom lights come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as in traditional lighting options and LED lighting options.

Why Use Over Mirror Bathroom Lights

LED over the mirror bathroom lighting can run from between 4 watts and 12 watts and are versatile enough to be placed beside the side of your mirror as well as over the top of your mirror. These lights come in a number of sizes to fit for different width mirrors and to provide task lighting to meet your bathroom lighting needs.

Modern over the mirror LED lighting is stylish and attractive and will add to your bathroom’s décor. Here is what you should know about LED vanity lights.

  • LED lighting is hard wired right into your 120/240 volt electric main. This means that you should have these lights installed by a licensed electrician.

LED bathroom lighting is energy efficient. Depending on the type of lighting you choose LED lights only use about between 20% and 50% of what other types of lighting use. This means that these lights not only reduces the demand on local utility companies, but can also save you money on your electric bills. Businesses such as Hotels that use a lot of LED bathroom lights will experience significant savings on their electric bills.

  • LED lighting requires very little maintenance. LED lights do not use light bulbs and may last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours before they need changing, which means that you can go several years before these lights need any any maintenance what-so-ever.
  • LED lighting contains no toxic elements. Unlike fluorescent lighting that contains mercury, LED bathroom lighting contains no toxic elements making these lights safer for you and for the environment.
  • LED lighting does not produce excess heat. Unlike traditional lighting options that give off a good heat as waste, LED lights tend to burn much cooler, which allows you to control the temperature of your indoor space much easier.
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly. These lights not only use less energy, contain no toxic elements and do not produce excess heat that adds to global warming they are also 100% recyclable making these lights better for the environment that those traditional types of lighting.
  • LED lighting uses the latest technology and high quality materials, which makes these lights both high functioning and attractive.
  • LED lighting is affordable. LED over the mirror bathroom lighting only cost slightly more than traditional lighting options, and they more than make up for that extra cost by saving you money on energy, not having to purchase light bulbs, and saving you money on maintenance. Over time your LED lighting may well cost less than those traditional lighting choices.

If you are looking for new Over the mirror lighting for your bathroom, why not see what LED lighting can offer you?

LWA189 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA189 6 watt black over mirror bathroom lights

LWA195 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA195 6 watt black over mirror bathroom lights

LWA194 9 Watt Black Over Mirror Light

LWA194 9 Watt black over mirror bathroom lights



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