Why Should You Use LED Bathroom Lights

LED Bathroom lights – More and more people are choosing LED bathroom lights both for their homes and for their businesses. Hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments are leading the way in by installing LED bathroom lights in their public bathrooms as well as their guest rooms. There are basically two types of LED bathroom lighting, bathroom wall lighting and bathroom ceiling lighting. Here is a look at each of these types of lighting.

Different Types of LED Bathroom Lights


Bathroom Ceiling Lights

LED bathroom ceiling lights are offered in the style of recessed downlights. Recessed downlights are so named because the light fixture is recessed up into the ceiling so that only the light itself shows. This will leave your bathroom ceiling looking cleaner and fresher and provides general lighting for your entire bathroom.

Recessed ceiling lights will work well both in small and large bathrooms and they look modern and elegant.

Bathroom Wall Lighting

There are a number of different LED wall lighting you can choose from. You can choose from single lights, double lights or triple lights or even 4 lights all on a single metal bar. These wall lights are great for placing over or beside your bathroom or vanity mirrors to provide task lighting for putting on make-up or shaving.

These lights run anywhere from 2 to 12 watts and provide you with warm white lights that have shades that will soften and diffuse the light to reduce glare for your bathroom tasks.

Why Choose Led Lighting

You may be wondering why so many people are choosing LED lighting rather than more traditional lighting to meet their bathroom lighting needs. There are actually several reasons why people choose LED lighting, here is a look at some of those reasons.

  • LED Bathroom Lights Are Economical- Led lighting is more energy efficient than more traditional lighting options, which makes these lights more economical to run. While you may not see much of an energy savings with only one or two LED lights, you will notice a large savings if you own a hotel where LED lighting is used in every guest room. In addition, you save money by not having to buy light bulbs because these lights do not require any light bulbs to be used.
  • LED Lighting is Long Lasting- LED lighting are extremely long lasting. One of these lights may last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours before they need to be changed. This means that you can have these lights installed and forget about them for the next several years.
  • LED Lighting is Maintenance Free- Since LED lighting does not use light bulbs it is practically maintenance free. Other than the occasional dusting, these lights need little or nothing done to them. This means that LED lights can save home owners time and businesses additional money by not having to pay for continued maintenance of these lights.

You do need to keep in mind that LED bathroom lights do need to be wired directly into your 240 volt circuit. For your safety and the safety of your building you should have your LED lighting wired by a professional licensed electrician.

LWA432 6 Watt Square Bathroom Wall Lights

LWA432 6 watt square bathroom wall lights LED bathroom lights

Onyx 9 Watt Black Bathroom Downlight

LDC336 9 watt black bathroom downlight LED bathroom lights

LWA337 6 Watt Bathroom Wall Light

LWA337 6 watt LED bathroom wall light LED bathroom lights

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