How To Choose the Best Bathroom Sconce Lights

Bathroom sconce lights – When lighting the bathroom, many homeowners only stop to consider the overhead lighting and perhaps the lighting around the sink. Bathroom wall lighting is often overlooked, even though having bathroom sconce lights can enhance its overall look and atmosphere while providing supplementary illumination all at once.

What Are Bathroom Sconce Lights?

Sconce lights are lights that are mounted on the wall. Because of their positioning, you have the creative freedom of placing them wherever you think they will look best and wherever you believe could benefit from the lights.

Before doing so, it’s a good idea to know the lighting zones in a bathroom, as they will dictate what kinds of lights you can add where.

What Are the Lighting Zones in the Bathroom?

The bathroom’s lighting zones are as follows:

  • ZONE 0. This zone applies to any lights you have that are fully submerged in water. This most commonly includes areas such as inside a wet room floor or a bath. Lights in this area will require an IP rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 1. In zone 1, you’ll find lights that are directly above the shower or bath. Their position means they are likely to receive a lot of contact with moisture directly. For this reason, they will also require an IP67 rating to ensure they function well.
  • ZONE 2. Considered to be the most common requirement for bathroom sconce lights, this zone includes the perimeter of the zone 1 area as well as the radius of the sink. This lighting zone necessitates an IP44 rated light.
  • ZONE 3. The final zone encompasses any lights outside of the above areas that you are certain no jet water can reach. There is no special IP requirement though it is recommended this zone have LED bathroom lighting with a minimum of an IP 20 rating.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Sconce Lights

  • With so many shapes, wall washing and bulb styles to choose from, you can begin by selecting the one that best suits your taste.
  • IP RATING. Before moving on, make sure the IP rating is appropriate for the zone in your bathroom where the lighting is to be installed.
  • Choose a light that is fabricated out of steel or aluminium to ensure it lasts as long as possible.
  • Bathroom wall lighting comes in many finishes, most of which are neutral and easy to incorporate into spaces of any colour scheme. These finishes commonly include black, white or metallic hues.

Bathroom sconce lights add some extra personality, flair and illumination to the bathroom, making the space feel more comfortable. When choosing lights for your bathroom, you must keep the lighting zones in mind where you will be installing the lights. Otherwise, choosing LED bathroom lighting is as simple and as enjoyable as any other kind of lighting.

Above, we reviewed the different lighting areas in a bathroom. We also offered a few tips on things to consider as you shop for lights that you can keep nearby while browsing our collection of bathroom sconce lights.

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