Black Bathroom Spotlights – What You Need To Know Before Buying

Black bathroom spotlights – Spending time to thoroughly research the design of your bathroom will yield beautiful results that will help turn your bathroom into a room that is every bit as stylish and well-lit as the rooms in the rest of your house. For a bathroom, there is ample opportunity for you to add lighting such as near the sink, shower and in the ceiling, but there are several bathroom lighting zones that must be considered before making your final decisions for the light fixtures.

Lighting Zones in a Bathroom

When you’re looking for black bathroom spotlights, you should pay attention not only to the IP rating but also the different zones of the bathroom where you intend to place lighting for safety. Bathroom lighting zones are as follows:

  • ZONE 0. Lights in this zone are fully submerged in water such as a wet room floor or inside a bath and require an IP67 rating.
  • ZONE 1. Lights here are place right above the bath or shower such as bathroom LED downlights. These, too, will need a rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 2. This zone is usually the most common zone for bathroom lighting and often covers the outskirts of the zone 1 area that presides over the radius of the sink. This zone requires an IP44 rating for its light fixtures.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, this zone is outside of any area mentioned above and is where no jet water is able to reach. No special lighting is needed in order to place lights here though a minimum of an IP20 rating is recommended.

Choosing Black Bathroom Spotlights

Once you have determined what the requirements are for your bathroom ceiling light fixtures, you can pay more attention to the style and design of the lights themselves. There are two main categories of lights for you to decide on, including recessed lighting and ceiling mounted lights. Should you prefer a more modern approach to bathroom lighting, you can choose recessed lighting that sits flush in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights will give the bathroom a touch of style with the option to enjoy both rounded and long lights to suit the look of the space.

You can also choose the finish of the light fixture. They commonly come available in either white, metallic tones or black. All are neutral enough to easily be incorporated into bathrooms of any existing style.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing bathroom lighting, you will consider both the style, finish and position of the light like you would with any other light in the house; however, with bathroom lighting, you must also consider exactly where it will be placed and if it is able to endure the moisture in the specific lighting zone. Our bathroom lights span a number of styles and finishes and are specifically designed to be placed in your bathroom. To make it easier, the IP ratings are listed with each one. Browse the collection today and find the best lights for your space.


Onyx 5 watt Black Bathroom LED Spotlight Fitting

5 watt black LED sofftit downlight


LDC336 9 Watt Black Bathroom LED Downlight Fitting

9 watt black soffit LED downlight

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