Our Guide To Buying Bathroom Wall Sconces

Bathroom wall sconces – The bathroom is a room in the house that you spend more time in than you likely think. From the moment you wake up and start your morning routine until you’re winding down, you complete many tasks in that room. Having proper lighting can make the time spent there more convenient. Bathroom wall lights can also serve as decoration, especially when you choose bathroom wall sconces.

Bathroom wall sconces can bring the light down from the ceiling to the centre of the wall, providing even more illumination. They may also help to add a bit of decoration, cutting through the blankness that is otherwise found on the wall. Modern bathroom lighting can make or break the appearance of the space, especially if you’re already going for something contemporary and sophisticated.

There are many different wall sconces you can choose from to suit the style of your bathroom. Depending on whether or not you like the ultra-modern bar shape, traditional circular shapes or exposed bulbs, you can choose from a variety of each.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Wall Sconces


  • IP RATING. Because the bathroom is home to the shower, bath and sink, you need to take into account the humidity of the room. Because of this, looking at the IP rating of the lights you’re interested in is the first thing you should be doing. There are different lighting zones in a bathroom, and it’s a good idea to get familiar with them first and foremost.

Lighting Zones in the Bathroom

  • ZONE 0. In this zone will be the lights that are submerged entirely in water. This means lights that are inside a bath or the floor of a wet room. This type of light needs an IP67 rated fixture.
  • ZONE 1. This area will encompass lights that are put right above the shower or bath. This zone, too, calls for an IP rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 2. This area is one of the most common areas in the bathroom for lights; it brings with it the most common requirement for bathroom domestic lighting. It will typically cover the perimeter of the ZONE 1 as well as the radius of the sink and require an IP 44 rated bulb.
  • ZONE 3. The final zone is anywhere outside of the above areas where no jet water can get to. There is no special lighting needed for this area, but it is recommended that you have at least IP20 rated lights.
  • Like any other room in the house, you’ll want the lights to look the part. Decide on the shape and type of your new bathroom wall sconces after the IP rating has been checked.
  • Because of the nature of the moisture in the bathroom, you’ll need to look for a light that is manufactured out of durable materials. Commonly, this means aluminium.
  • Choose a finish that best suits the existing appearance of your space.

No matter what type of bathroom wall sconces you’re interested in, you’re sure to find what you need by browsing our collection today.

LWA337 6 Watt Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Light

LWA337 stainless steel bathroom wall light

LWA345 6 Watt Polished Chrome LED Bathroom Wall Light

LWA345 polished chrome 6 watt LED bathroom wall light

LWA431 6 Watt Round Bathroom Wall Light

LWA431 6 watt round bathroom wall sconces

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