How Bathroom Wall Lighting Can Improve Your Bathroom

Bathroom wall lighting – The bathroom is a room that is commonly overlooked when it comes to lighting and design, even though people go in and out of those rooms constantly throughout the day. You can turn your bathroom into a room that is every bit as unique and inviting as the rest of your home with proper attention to the types of lighting you can incorporate into your space.

What Types of Bathroom Lighting Is Available?

Bathroom wall lighting is among the most common ways to illuminate your space and add more personality to the room at one time. Because every home prefers different decor styles, there are just as many wall lights to choose from. Common shapes for washroom lighting for walls include:

  • Long bar lights
  • Short bar lights
  • Circular Lights
  • Exposed bulb lights

Where Can You Install Bathroom Lights?

Typically, the places that you install your washroom lighting will be along the walls to supplement the light that is already coming from the overhead source. Bathroom wall lighting can be placed on the walls across from tubs, sinks and toilets, and even above mirrors to give you a better view into the looking glass. Because bathrooms are subject to humidity and other moisture, it is important to know the IP rating of the any of the lights you are considering, as you don’t want them to become damaged.

Relevant Bathroom Lighting Zones

To determine the IP rating you’ll need for various bathroom wall lighting both in a residential bathroom and a hotel bathroom, consider the following zones:

  • Zone 1. Zone 1 lights are lights placed right above the shower or bath, meaning they have the potential to bear the brunt of a lot of steam and other moisture. For this section of your wall, you will need a light with an IP67 rating.
  • Zone 2. This zone is one of the most common placements in bathrooms in the home setting. It usually covers not only the radius of the sink but also the perimeter of any zone 1 area. In order to place lights here, they’ll need to have an IP44 rating.
  • Zone 3. The last relevant lighting is zone 3, which sits above areas where no jet water can easily reach. There is no need for special lights to be placed here, but it is recommended that an IP ranking of IP20 is used at the bare minimum.

How Can LED Lighting Improve a Bathroom?

The proper bathroom wall lighting can change the mood of your bathroom for the better. Benefits of LED bathroom lighting in hotels and residential zones include:

  • Provide ample vanity lights around mirrors
  • Low voltage LED lights are known to provide a softer, more flattering light near mirrors
  • Dark recesses in the bathroom are easily able to be remedied by wall lighting
  • LED lights boast a long-running lifespan that can illuminate your bathroom for as long as 20,000 hours

Bathroom wall lighting, while often overlooked, play an important role in the look and overall mood of your space and should be something you consider adding when remodeling your bathroom.


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