Bathroom Wall Light Fittings To Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

If you are looking for the perfect bathroom lighting then you need to stop and consider where you are placing your lights and what purpose you intend those lights to serve before deciding on what bathroom wall light fittings will work best for your bathroom.

Tips for Selecting The Best Bathroom Wall Light Fittings

If you are looking for vanity lights to provide adequate lighting for such tasks as shaving, putting on make-up or arranging your hair then you likely will want bathroom wall light fittings that will either fit over your bathroom mirror or can be placed on either side of the mirror. Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom wall light fittings for you bathroom vanity.

Size Matters

When it comes to vanity lights the size of your bathroom wall light fittings does matter. You want to choose a light that either runs the entire height of your mirror on both sides or one that runs the entire width of the top of mirror. If you choose a mirror that runs to long, your mirror will be dwarfed and you will be lighting areas that you really don’t need to light. Choose lights that too short for your mirror and you will leaving some of your mirror in shadow. So make sure the bathroom wall light fitting itself is the right size for your vanity mirror.

How Much Light is Needed in The Bathroom

Next you need to decide how much light you actually need. If you all ready have good general bathroom lighting from an overhead light, then you won’t need as bright a light over or on the sides of your vanity as you will if your bathroom in somewhat darker. So you will need to choose your light based on the actual wattage you need to get the job done.

The Right Amount of Shading

You don’t want vanity lighting that will create a glare on your vanity mirror since this make it difficult for you to clearly enough to attend to the task at hand. So choose a bathroom wall light fitting that has the right kind of shade to soften the light and reduce the glare so that you clearly see if you have on two much blush or missed a few whiskers.

What Type of Lighting Will Your Choose?

Today you have a choice of the type of bathroom wall light fittings  you want to use. You can choose from halogen, fluorescent, incandescent or LED lighting for your bathroom lighting needs. More and more people these days are choosing LED lighting for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED lighting is well made and offer a wide range of choices for bathroom wall lighting
  • LED lighting is more economical to use since it so energy efficient.
  • LED lighting needs little maintenance (No light bulbs to change.)
  • LED lighting in environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Remember LED lighting like all bathroom lighting needs to be wired into your 240 electric main so you will need a professional qualified electrician to take care of the actual wiring of your lights for you.

LWA431 6 Watt Round Bathroom Wall Light Fittings

LWA431 6 watt round bathroom wall light fittings

LWA339 12 Watt Hollywood Style Bathroom Wall Light Fittings

LWA339 12 watt stainless steel hollywood bathroom wall light fittings

LWA433 6 Watt Triangular Bathroom Wall Light Fittings

LWA433 6 watt triangular modern bathroom wall light fittings

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