How to Use Bathroom LED Spotlights Effectively

Bathroom LED spotlights – Your bathroom is a space that you spend much time in, even if you don’t realize it. The minutes spent getting ready for work, applying makeup, taking a shower, shaving or any other grooming and hygiene can really add up. Because you spend so much time in that space, it should be as well-lit as the rest of the home. This is especially true if you are remodeling a bathroom that guests will use frequently.

Bathroom LED spotlights are an easy way to dress up the bathroom and give it a more modern look while adding proper illumination. When it comes to bathroom lighting, you have to be a bit more careful than you are in other areas of the home. There are different zones in the bathroom that are best-suited for different types of lights. This comes down to the wetness and moisture in the various zones.

The various zones will require certain IP rated lights for this reason. Before choosing bathroom downlights, consider the zones in your bathroom:

  • ZONE 0. In this zone, the lights are ones that are fully submerged in water. This encompasses lights that are installed in a wet room floor or a bath. This zone of light will require an IP67 rating.
  • ZONE 1. These lights are ones that you will be putting right above your shower or bath. They are exposed to quite a bit of steam and moisture. For this zone, you will also need an IP67 rated fixture.
  • ZONE 2. This is one of the most common areas of the bathroom for light requirements. Usually, this zone will cover the perimeters of the zone 1 area in the room. It also encompasses the radius of the sink. Lights in this zone of the bathroom will need an IP44 rated light.
  • ZONE 3. The final zone encompasses anywhere that is outside of the areas that have been listed above. These are locations where no jet water can reach. There is no special lighting required for these zones. Even so, it is recommended that you use a light with a minimum rating of IP20.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom LED Spotlights

  • Bathroom LED spotlights are typically round in shape, though some are rectangular. Decide just how modern you want the space to look and choose accordingly.
  • The finish is a part of the style overall. Usually, the finish will most likely be either black or metallic. You can take advantage of that to blend the light into the existing decor of the bathroom. You could also choose to use the finish to create contrast.
  • IP RATING. As mentioned, you’ll need to choose a light that is made for the required wetness zone of the location where you intend to place the fixture.
  • Alongside the IP rating, the material of the light itself is important. You need to choose a material that is resilient against moisture, such as aluminium.

Browse our selection of bathroom lights using the above as a buying guide and bring home your new fixtures now.

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