How to Choose The Best Bathroom Ceiling Spotlights

Bathroom ceiling spotlights – Bathroom lighting is important to the overall comfort of a space. Choosing proper bathroom lighting can not only make sure it’s well illuminated, but it can ensure that it is also well decorated. Bathroom lighting is diverse, something that you can play around with to create the perfect levels of illumination. Bathroom ceiling spotlights in particular are an important part of any bathroom that is well-lit.

Unlike some other rooms in the home, adding bathroom lighting like bathroom downlights needs a little extra thought put into the process. This is because bathrooms have various lighting zones. These zones dictate what kind of lights can safely go into each area of the bathroom, taking into account moisture and wetness.

What Are the Bathroom Lighting Zones?

Below, you can learn about the different bathroom lighting zones and get familiar with what goes where:

  • ZONE 0. In this zone, the lights are fully submerged in water. This counts for areas such as the lights inside of a wet room floor or inside of a bath. The lights in this zone need an IP rating of IP67 to function safely and properly.
  • ZONE 1. In this zone are lights that are placed right above the shower or the bath. Because of the moisture that these lights will be exposed to, it is best to also have an IP67 rated light in this area.
  • ZONE 2. This zone is perhaps the most common bathroom lighting area. It usually covers the area around zone 1 including the radius around the sink. This type of bathroom lighting will require an IP44 rating to ensure it is safe and functioning at its best.
  • ZONE 3. This final zone is the one outside of the zones mentioned above. In this area, no jet water can reach the lights. There is no special light rating that is required for this zone. Even so, it is recommended that you have a light with a minimum IP20 rating all the same.

How To Choose the Best LED Bathroom Lights?

  • Before anything else, decide what sort of style you’re looking to incorporate into the space. Bathroom ceiling spotlights come in different shapes from rectangular to round. Choose the one that best suits the visual aesthetic of the room.
  • The finish of the light is important as it ties into the style. Bathroom light fixtures often have silver and chrome finishes or black and white. Choose one of these to best suit your space.
  • Alongside the IP rating, the material the light is manufactured with will help ensure its long-lasting durability.
  • Check the actual wattage and the light colour itself to ensure that it matches the rest of your lighting. One of the most common colour temperatures is 3000k warm white.

In this article, we’ve explored why bathroom lights are important. We have also looked at the different zones to consider when choosing a light. Shop our large selection of bathroom ceiling spotlights and find your new bathroom light today.

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