Guide on How to Choose The Best Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Bathroom ceiling Light Fixtures – It’s true that the average person tends to spend more time out of their day in their bathroom for one reason or another than they actually realize. While much effort is often spent on the interior lighting in the other rooms in the house, bathroom lighting tends to be overlooked as being adequate when they usually aren’t. This is especially true about bathroom ceiling light fixtures in the space. Attention is often paid to the lights around the mirror, near the bath tub or along the walls, when in reality, the ceiling lights can make just as big of a difference to the functionality and the mood of room.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Lighting

Since the bathroom is the room that is probably exposed to the most moisture and humidity, one of the most important points to consider when looking at bathroom lighting is the IP rating. You want a light that is going to be able to withstand the rising steam from bath tubs, showers or splashes from the sink. Fortunately, each of the bathroom ceiling light fixtures comes with  and IP rating to help you decide which bathroom LED downlights are going to work best in your bath. This is especially important as some lights are universally safe in all areas of the bathroom, while some IP ratings dictate they should only be used in certain zones of the bathroom.

What Are the Bathroom Lighting Zones?

When looking at the IP ratings, it’ll do you well to know which zone the IP ratings are best for. There are some bathroom zones such as zone 0 that applies to lights that are going to be submerged such as in a bath or down inside of a wet room floor, but the zones to consider for ceiling lights are as follows:

ZONE 1. The lights that go here are the ones that are installed directly above the shower or bath, meaning they will be exposed to a lot of steam. IP67 ratings are best for this zone.


ZONE 2. This zone is one of the most important to know about, as it covers most of the lighting in the bathroom. Zone 2 runs along the perimeters of the first zone as well as the sink. This zone needs lights with an IP44 rating.


ZONE 3. This zone is anywhere outside of the aforementioned areas that aren’t exposed to jet water. Typically, no special lighting is needed for this area, but it is recommended that you have bathroom ceiling light fixtures with a minimum IP20 rating just in case.

Choosing the appropriate lighting for your bathroom can make or break the comfort and mood of the space, so you should take time to consider which is best for your bath before buying. There are more things to consider for bathroom ceiling light fixtures than there are for standard interior locations including the IP rating, so that should be paid attention to as closely as the attention you give to its overall appearance. Browse the selection of lights offered with the IP rating clearly on display to make the process swifter and easier.


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