LED High Bay Lighting FAQ’s

How energy efficient are they compared to standard Metal halide or Sodium high bay fittings?

They offer huge energy savings compared to standard high bay lighting with energy consumption that can be reduced by up to 60%.


What light colour do they produce?

We can order in whatever LED colour you require the options are 3000k warm white – 4000k natural white and 6000k cool white. General 6000k cool white is most popular as this gives a crisp white light which is ideal for warehouse applications.


Can your LED high bay fittings be dimmed?

No our range are not dimmable


Do they work with Motion sensors?

Our range of LED high bay fittings as standard do not come with motion sensors, however we can order these with microwave sensors which act the same as motion sensors and offer a greater energy saving only switching the fittings on when they are required.


How do you fittings attach to the roof?

As standard they come with standard hook mounts for use on a chain mounting but we can order with a U bracket if they are intended to be fixed directly to the ceiling.


What maintenance is required?

Our high bay fittings are completely maintenance free, they are sealed units so you do not need to the change the LED’s, another saving as there is no need to get cherry pickers in to change lamps as you would have to do with older metal halide and sodium type fittings. The fittings have a 50,000 hour rated life.


Do our LED high bay fittings need time to warm up?

No they are instantly illuminated to 100% unlike metal halide and sodium fittings which need a warm up period to achieve full brightness. In addition to this over the life of the LED fitting you do not loose light due to age, conventional types can lose 40% of their light output of their lifespan whereas LED will only lose approximately 5% lumen output over it’s lifetime.


How does the light output of an LED fitting compare to conventional high bay lamps?

As a guide a 400 watt metal halide unit will produce 20,000 lumens of light output, the equivalent LED to this would be a 200 watt unit to produce similar light levels.

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