Interior LED Wall Lights FAQ’s

What is the guarantee period on your LED Wall Lights?

We offer a 3 year guarantee with all products in our interior LED wall light range.


Can I change the LED lamp?

No all of our fittings have the LED built in and cannot be changed.


How long will they last?

All fittings in our interior wall light range have a rated life of 30,000 – 50,000 hours that equates to around 15-17 years of normal use.


Can your wall lights be dimmed?

Some fittings in our range can be special ordered as dimmable fittings. When using any type of LED on a dimmer switch you need to ensure the dimmer switch is specific to LED lighting and that the lights being used meet the minimum wattage requirement. The majority of electrical suppliers now hold stock of dimmer switches for LED lights as they are very popular now in the marketplace if you are unsure please contact our team who will advise.


What light colour do your Interior wall lighs produce?

As standard our range use warm white LED lamps this is a pleasant warm glow ideally suited to the applications these fittings are normally used in. We can special our fittings with cool white LED’s fitted.LWA228A Black interior led wall light


What is the best application for the low level wall lights?

We have a stylish range of low level effect wall lights, these use low power LED’s to produce a pleasant glow they will not light up you whole room. Typical applications for these types of lights, include stair risers, low level wall effect lighting, plinth lighting, low level wall lighting up a stair case and I am sure there are many more but this will give you an idea of their uses.


What is the driver in our LED wall lights?

The driver is basically the transformer that converts the 240 volt connection input to the low voltage needed for the LED inside the fitting, the driver is a small box that sits inside the fitting or in the wall void if you are using our mini low level effect wall lights.


Do your interior LED wall lights need any maintenance?

No they are totally self-contained units and require no maintenance at all, just the occasional dusting?


Are your interior LED wall lights energy efficient?

Yes, they are the most energy efficient lighting that you can use, they use very low amounts of electricity compared to all other lighting sources.

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