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Reading Lights

Decorating your new home is a demanding job. You’ve got to hire the workmen, choose the wallpapers, go to the duvet shop. It’s got to be warm, well-lit with your reading lights, stable and on-top of all of that, it does sort of have to look good. Despite being one of the most demanding jobs, it’s also one of the most rewarding once it’s done. And, as we all know, the little things do matter.

You can’t put the TV on that wall, because the door might hit it when it swings open. You can’t put the drawers there because the bed won’t fit. And you can’t put your bed reading light next to the bed because it takes up the socket space you need for your phone charger. Except it doesn’t have to.

The brainboxes at Ultra Beam Lighting have put their thinking caps on and come out with something inspired. The new, wall-mounted reading light for bed. Available in black or silver, depending on the colour scheme of your walls, this bedside reading lamp has a flexible arm connected to a 3-watt bulb so that you may direct the light in any direction you please. Perfect for those people who like to snuggle in bed and read: don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all done it.

All you need say is ‘let there be light’, and for the reasonable price of £30-£40, these LED reading lights could be lighting up your wall very, very soon.

Not only do Ultra Beam Lighting offer both ‘switch’ and ‘unswitched’ versions of  wall lights (for people who prefer something a little bit cleverer), but we’ve also highlighted the point that their reading lights are not only optimised for domestic use, but also can make a big splash in the hotel game. I’d bet that the first hotel to purchase a few of these will get some very positive reviews in terms of ergonomic technology.

Not only are the wall reading lights productive, but it also has a very attractive appearance. Whether luxuriously silver, or jet black, this lamp is made from aluminium and is sleek and slender, with a staggering guaranteed life expectancy of 50,000 hours and 240 volts of power to its name.

The days of shifting your reading lamps around your rooms are over. No longer will your phone charger play second fiddle to your bed light, because Ultra Beam Lighting have taken the market of reading lamps to a new height. Whatever will be next? Touch-operated controls? Voice activation? The ‘oh-so-desirable’ clap-activated bulbs?

Whatever is on the books for the future, the bar has been raised even further. But as evidenced here by the wall-mounted lamp, sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best.

Unique range of wall mounted flexible arm LED reading lights, Ideal for both domestic bedside lighting applications and commercial hotel applications. We offer both switched and un-switched versions of our wall mounted reading light range.

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