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Post Top Lighting – Who Isn’t Impressed By Them!

Post Top Lights

Looking to add a special “wow” factor or ambient lighting to make your deck and outdoor spaces more attractive?  Outdoor lighting can really bring out the beauty of your home that gets hidden when the sun goes down.  It can also add another layer of comfort in regards to deterring would-be burglars and stray animals.  If you already have some exterior lighting, you may stand to benefit from post top lights, or light caps that go on top of decking or railing posts.

Illuminate your Deck or Porch

These small outdoor lights can make a big impact on overall visibility and mood of your property.  You can find pillar top lighting solutions in various shapes, sizes, and materials.  For instance, you could go with large, sturdy, rustic steel gate post lights that accent the entrances to your front and/or backyard.

Post top lights can be completely autonomous lighting solutions for your deck or porch.  Thanks to solar tech and LED bulbs, you can install these lights to essentially provide “free” lighting without having to deal with electrical wiring or a bump on the electric bill, for that matter.

Black YG-3006 Post Top Light

Shopping for the Perfect Lights

Post top lights come in a variety of materials and light solutions.  Make sure you are shopping only for waterproof and heat-resistant products.  Also, pay attention to the wattage and try to do a few rough tests with lamps/flashlights to get an idea of just how many watts you need without having too much glare and effecting the neighbors or your own occupants.

LED lights are the way to go if you want the most efficient and reliable post top lights, but CFL lightbulbs are a decent alternative if you are going for a different approach.  There are a number of materials you can get to match your style of home: wood, steel, copper, brass, bronze, glass, and synthetics that will never rust or rot.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Wood is only as strong as the foundation and support it has to survive the harsh elements and invaders over a lifespan.  It is up to you to keep your outdoor lights in good shape, and to avoid any common installation oversights that could compromise your wood.  Here are a few tips to remember when you go to install post top lights.

They double as great protectors of your posts’ most vulnerable surface area, but said protection could be voided if the installation is sloppy or contains mistakes.  Make sure you use proper outdoor-rated industrial adhesive to apply the post lights.  This will help keep out moisture or pests from infiltrating the entire post/deck.

After you’ve installed your post top lights, keep them in tip-top shape with regular cleanings of inside and outside the window casings, throw out corroded bulbs as soon as you spot them to avoid any minute chance of fire.  Watch for the proximity of any nearby bushes or shrubbery, too.

With minimal effort, you can have one of the best-looking outdoor hangouts in the neighborhood.  Effective use of post top lights can add lots of value to your home, both for you and your family right now, as well as if it were to ever be placed on the market.