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Garden Lamp Posts – Grandure and Security

Garden Lamp Posts

Adding outdoor lighting to your home can add a ton of value and security to it, if done thoughtfully and not just for show.  Garden lamp posts, in particular offer a wide range of aesthetics, illumination, and customization.  To make the most of your purchases, we’ve gathered some tips that should help you choose the best garden lighting for your home.

Vejers Galvansied Steel Lamp Post

Planning Ahead

Outdoor lighting can look good by itself without any expert landscaping involved, but it looks much better and carries much more lasting appeal if it is planned out first.  Lighting the path from your front yard to your driveway is a given.  As for using lamp lights for this location?  Well, you should take into account of the glare created from standard lamps, make sure you aren’t creating blind spots while illuminating your front yard.

Placing lamp posts on either side of your garage and front/side doors is a good idea.  This is great for illuminating doorways to better see visitors and to help prevent accidents from dimly lit driveways.

Lamp posts should also not be used if they are going to be place up against a wall, you should plan proper spacing to avoid potentially drab lighting, long sweeping shadows, and otherwise poor use of lighting.

Lighting Options

When shopping for garden lamp posts, consider optional controls, such as: light dimming range, automated remote control access and timers to make it easier to adjust for daylight savings times, automatic dusk till dawn sensors, motion-activated sensors to double as perimeter security lights, material designs that use high-quality brass, bronze, steel, or copper for durability.

Installation Tips

Before installing your lamp post, make sure you have an electrician or someone experienced with outdoor wiring to tell you if your location is good for installation.  If you are going the solar-powered route, then you can avoid this step altogether.

Make sure you drive the post down to about two feet deep to guard against accidents and heavy winds, for example.  You should be left with about five to 7 feet of the post above the surface.  The lamp light should be installed afterwards, hanging about a fourth down from the very top to make it accessible but not parallel to the average height.

Final Thoughts

It cannot be stressed enough, before making these purchases, research what your hard wiring situation is, then check with your local homeowners association about building codes and what permits are necessary to begin installation.  Don’t rely on a contractor to do all of this stuff for you, you don’t want to have to pay the price later on trying to reverse what you did.